Luis Miguel breaks record on Spotify, thanks to “Guilty” or ” no “

A few weeks ago they premiered the new series of Netflix, which portrays the life of Luis Miguel, one of the mexican artists, the most emblematic of the country. But this past Sunday, fans of the series were witnesses of one of the episodes more sad of the life of the singer, that she even gave much more meaning to the song “Guilty” or “no”, which increased by 4000% reproductions in Spotify.

So, Luis Miguel has broken his record of reproductions on the platform, and as of today has 27 songs in the top 200 of the Spotify Mexico. And is that from which premiered the series on Sunday, April 22, the reproductions of the artist was increased by 64% per day, whereas last Monday, the increase was 80%.

“Guilty or not”, it occupies the position number 4 in the Top 50 of Mexico, along with other songs such as “unconditional”, “A man seeks a woman”, “Cold as the wind” and “When it heats up the sun”.

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As mentioned Spotify, Luis Miguel is one of the mexican artists most listened to on the platform with over 4.5 million listeners monthly, and the increase in the reproduction of their songs was produced in the following way:

23 April 2018

  • “When it heats up the sun”- increased 50 %
  • “I am as I want to be”- increased 993%

30 April 2018

  • “I do not live without you” increased by 500%

May 14, 2018

    • “Guilty or not” increased by 4000%**

What do you think the success of the music of Luis Miguel on Spotify?

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