What Memes in 3D? Of course!

Technological innovation affects everything in front of it, including those images that were born to make fun of any situation, so from now on you will be common to see memes in 3D.

The idea of this crazy combination, there was in the page of Facebook, Dimementional, a site where all kinds of memes are transformed in the third dimension, so that the user can interact with them.

In this way you can get two concepts in a single image, because to be in 3D and allow people to be able to move in 360°, it has the image of the front and rear, which tends to be a complement to the joke.

Although sometimes not only see funny pictures, but messages of love, or a custom message, because the page also dedicated to it.

The concept is interesting and somewhat addicting, since each one of the memes can be viewed from different angles, which makes you invest several minutes to see each one of them, which means that it loses quite a long time to appreciate them.

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For the moment, there are only memes in 3D of the “classics” such as the Boyfriend is distracted or he-Man, or that indicates that the new wave of the Dinomemes can not be seen, much as you want.

Do you think that this is a powerful work, or is it only someone very talented that investing your time and effort on something absurd?

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