Microsoft considered the game a ‘streaming’ as the next frontier of the industry

“For us, having the console is an important part for the gamers (fans of the video games), that have that experience in your rooms and maintain it as a premier experience for them. But we’re also looking at how to reach beyond the console: Be where you want to be the players, across all their devices,” he explained in an interview with Efe Priscilla Lamb, senior manager of Marketing for Xbox.

The directive mexicana of Xbox emphasized, moreover, the freedom with which they would tell the fans if they could have the “important content” on all types of screens, whether they were “cell phones, tablets, PC, or console”.

Microsoft and their Xbox One X have been important players in the fair E3 of video games that are held these days in Los Angeles and where this company impressed the industry by announcing in his conference preview new products, such as Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 4, and Gears 5.

Game for ‘streaming’

Beyond the software, the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, hinted that they are already working on the consoles that come after Xbox One X, which was presented last year, as well as in a gaming service by streaming (broadcast online); a model of marketing that is reminiscent of Netflix in tv or Spotify in music.

Xbox already has Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service games in the cloud for this console, with which, according to Lamb, “the gamers are very happy”. However, the statements of Spencer suggested that this new service of streaming, one of the horizons of the future for this industry, I would seek to offer games for all screens, with an aspect that would change the existing logic of releases exclusively for each device.

In any way, Lamb said that at the present time your console has no rival, because “the games look better and play better through Xbox One X”.

“It is now the most powerful on the market and really takes the full potential of the games that we have, both of the ‘first party’ study of Microsoft as the ‘third party’ (developers working for more than one distributor),” he said.

“Xbox One X is made in response to what we had already been asking for some years: the best console, the most powerful, the best specifications to be able to take advantage of the games to the maximum, and graphs of 4K”, he added.

Microsoft also announced during the E3 joining Microsoft Studios of the studies The Initiative, Playground Games, Ninja Theory, Undead Labs and Compulsion Games, which, according to Lamb, will reinforce your intention to reach “all hearings” with a wide range of games.

“I think that is a very important part for the Xbox to be able to have content for everyone. If you like to play it on your console, only, on your screen and play Gears 5, terrific; if you like to play online with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, as everyone has their options. It is extremely important for Xbox to have the diversity of products to be able to take advantage of all of that,” he argued.

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