Microsoft reveals details of the new Xbox

Yesterday Microsoft was the first of the three big companies of video games to present at E3, showing that this year and next will come the important things with the launch of Gears of War, Halo, Infinite, Forza Horizon 4, Cyberpunk 2077, and above all giving a taste of what will be the future of the video game industry, promising significant improvements in Xbox Game Pass.

And although it is not said much, yes it was mentioned a couple of details on the new Xbox, which according to Phil Spencer, head of Xbox at Microsoft mentioned that they are already working on the new generation of Xbox, giving to understand that he would issue multiple consoles later.

This no doubt aroused the concern of the fans, because there is the possibility that we will see several consoles very soon, or you launch a new Xbox, and subsequently new versions like we did with this third generation.

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A new Xbox to compete against the PS5 and another to play in the Cloud

It is a fact that there will be a new Xbox that will compete against the PlayStation 5 Sony, which we also don’t know many things, but that could well be launched in 2020. However, Xbox seems to have future plans very ambitious, as this new console would not be the most interesting, since everything seems to indicate that there will be a new Xbox to play in the Cloud.

And is that Xbox Game Pass is maturing, and Phil Spencer has promised major improvements in the short term, by specifying that they are preparing to play in remote, that is to say, to have saved games in the Cloud, and play them from where we left off on any console, also it will not require specifications very powerful.

This means that the future of Xbox will be in the Cloud, playing it on a console, on the phone and on the computer without problem and without as many resources, as this would be the real Netflix of video games, since it does not store the game on your device, and will not be processed there, the only thing you will need will be an Internet connection to enjoy it.

It is said that this technology will be ready to be fully operational in 2021, which is exactly the year where the networks 5G will have a significant swing, and it could be the year where we see the first console-based totally in the Cloud.

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