Miguel del Pino: Best Pets to be most Curious about

In the first place, I would like to justify this term that some animalists reject to the point of being offended: according to the Dictionary of use of Mary Miller, “pet” means “figure or something that has to bring good luck to its owner” and there is no doubt that companion animals should be a source of joy, when its adoption and care are performed in the correct way. The Dictionary of the RAE recognizes, in addition to this definition, the “animal of company”.

The world of the animals of company that we could call “classics” for many years has been sota, horse and king, that is to say, dogs, cats, canaries and parakeets, red fish and little more, but the issue has been complicated enough in the last few decades.

The proliferation as pets of new animals, many of them from remote tropical countries, made it necessary to coin the term NAC, and that means new pets.

In some cases the NAC reach the market, taking advantage of the legal vacuum, since, as you are not known, there is no regulation on possession or marketing. On other occasions it is necessary to legislate quickly to regulate or prohibit their trafficking and possession, in particular when these species are potentially invasive.

It is recognised that the thoroughness with which you try to prevent the arrival of species of this last group comes at times to exaggeration, as it seems that is going to happen, if it has not already occurred, with more than fifteen thousand carp residing in the lake of the Casa de Campo, and that they will be slaughtered on the occasion of the cleaning of their facilities. The tent takes us several centuries as an aquarium fish.

Against the excesses in this sense, that they came to expect as far as the prohibition of the guppy, the most popular aquarium fish, it should be noted the great discrimination that occur, and also the high degree of confusion between species that are truly dangerous and others practically harmless, speaking from the point of view of its invasive ability.

Curiosities for collectors of rarities.

In the world of reptiles terrarium are some examples of little animals portray that you are catching on, and whose owners seem to enjoy to amaze its visitors with the rarity of your pets, as in the case of the Pogonas, some Agamas from Australia whose head neck and spine-fringed of spines make it look like a strange bearded dragon (agamidae are a family of terrestrial reptiles next to the lizards). The truth is that the harmless pogonas live very well in captivity and do not present any problem whatsoever.

The theme of the snakes is point and apart and can only reject their management in the terrarium, and we do not speak only of the venomous. Any species of snake is an effective escapist and his appearance in the house or on the street will be a good scare for those who find it. On the venomous ones in particular let us remember the chapter that he dedicates an important work of herpetology domestic published in the united States: the chapter is called “poisonous snakes” and its content is limited to “leave them in peace”

The exotic birds, which are common as pets of those who are not limited to the classical species such as canaries, budgies or a number of diamonds have created problems in their countries of origin because of the overhunting that has led to your capture and marketing. Some countries have had to halt with urgency to such activities to prevent the extinction of their species, both within the world of the birds as the parrots, in their various sizes.

Also the aquarium fish were subject to catch-intensive in nature before generalizase their rearing in captivity, although it is clear that some south american countries have achieved significant economic benefits thanks to the fishing and marketing of large quantities of fish from the “Forest of Iguapos”, whose water-logged soils in the rainy season, dry up at the end of the same, with dying fish if not before they are captured.

Continuing with the trivia, some tropical fish from the jungles of african, living and reproducing in ponds of drying out periodically, as the so-called in home “killifish”, they lay eggs lasting that are left in the moss, placed by growers on the bottom of the aquarium. These eggs, dried, are exchanged by mail among its enthusiasts, specialists, and hatch when the receiver puts them in an aquarium suitable.

The holders of pet curious that eat live prey usually also have crops of insects to ensure the food permanently: it is the discomfort that accompanies this type of support should be calculated before the start of the range of the world of pets.

The maintenance of large tarantulas implies a hazard that comes filtered by the market itself, as they only tend to commercialize the species little to no dangerous for the man. Spiders require heating wires as heating and only eat live food, like mice, whose capture represents a terrible show not recommended for children… or for adults with sensitive. For some, anything goes with this to impress the visitors.

Rather more harmless is the world of rodents, which are only dangerous to the furniture or the books in the event of an escape from their cage or terrarium. Before only kept as pets guinea pigs or ratoncillos laboratory, but in the past few years seventy stormed with force the Hamster common, from the desert of Syria.

These large Hamsters dorados are a transcript of the teddy bear that any child would want to have, but its size was wane when they appeared other species that are more oriental, like the Hamster russians, the chinese or the graciosísimos and tiny Robororsky.

If a child receives a Hamster as a pet, you should be informed about the short duration of his life, at the most three years, so you can take care of it during his period of puppy and adult, but what is more likely is that you have that serve you in your old age and attend to his death.

Finally, we will also call attention to the need for any pet, especially exotic species little known, should be brought to the vet like dogs and cats. It’s not more consult with this professional at the time of decide to purchase.

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