Miguel del Pino: wild Boars in the garden

It is increasingly common that a herd of wild boars crossing a highway, many times in a row india, in places where until recently, their presence was sporadic; the wild boars are expanded and come into luxurious residential development to eat in garbage cans or even root around in the garden causing damage that does not fix it, nor the very Father Mundina.

Madrid and its surrounding area is not free from this scourge, formed usually by immature individuals or females with their litters grown, although there are some who still breastfeed their scratches, marked with those dark lines that contribute to its camouflage.

Therefore nobody was surprised if it is in the morning a wild boar in your garden hozando the earth, or if, in the evening, to surprise a whole herd looking for organic remains in the trash bins.

Is proving that the wild Boar is capable of becoming “opportunistic species”, as it is called to show a adaptability so big that makes them forget their habits, old huraños and rough, to get closer to man in search of food, after overcoming the ancestral fear that it will cause our species.

In the case of large wild hog is very large, the hunting pressures that have endured: until don Quixote in his second part, describes a hunt for wild boar, organized near Zaragoza for the jokers dukes that gave the nobleman the joke of Clavileño, or to his squire to the Government of Barataria.

Until the population explosion that we mentioned, the wild boar was an animal untamed that is tucked away in the mediterranean forest and was the effective controller of weeds and organic debris in your soil. The large males become solitary , and may be able to achieve a longevity of ten years if not previously been found with the deployment of a hunt, with their rehalas of dogs and their human hunters. Getting to five years is not an easy task for a large pig wild.

Females are more gregarious and form herds of which only deviate temporarily to keep protected and camouflaged to its scratches; the child mortality is high, and therefore, before the current demographic expansion, the hunters observed a series of vedas and controls the nature of the ammunition legally.

Today are prohibited in police stations and shotguns, so the gun and the grip by the dogs are the usual method venatorio.

For hunters, the trophy that offers the boar comes formed by its tusks, called in the world of hunting “knives”, which may reach the dimensions interesting for them when the male is more than five years, which is no small feat in the wild nature.

The ecological question

What interests us in these moments are not the aspects venatorios covering the life and death of the boar, but the ecological problem and causes of this population explosion. The reasons are extremely worrying.

Because the main explanation of the boars get to be a problem for the traffic and a nuisance to the neighborhoods, even in the very Community of Madrid and its urban environment, is the progressive and inexorable abandonment of the field and its consequence: the lack of care of the mountains.

It is enough to pause briefly to match this problem with the origin of major forest fires. Not caring enough about the mountains, not desbroza, not cleaned the gutters and not engaged wages to forestry, so that the poor pigs begging rubbish or crossing a shock to the circulation pathways represent a clear warning signal of danger.

We will not go into analyzing the solutions proposed by the hunters, or the control that can be exercised by the forest officials, the gang of pigs immature that you see on the streets of the villages and the gardens of the edge of the city there are pieces cotizables from the point of view venatorio, but unhappy, hungry animals, confused and lost of their habitat.

If the forest authorities of the different Spanish autonomous Communities, in this case especially the north and centre, to know to read the message that provides the scattering, almost plague, of wild boar and iberian, no doubt would be many more funds to the forest management of the outback: the mount is not a park, and not treat it as such, but can’t find its ecological balance without the necessary practice of forestry.

And in reference to the record fires this year we have had in our country and in neighboring Portugal, let us remember that, as stated by WWF, we are best off fireworks, but we suspend taking measures to avoid them. The poor pigs wanderers come to our garbage cans being pushed out of your mistreated paradise forest poorly managed.

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