Miguel del Pino: Manolo, the lone wolf

A long time ago that we had a certainty about the existence of a corridor, through the Pyrenees, by which the wolf Italian may be entering our Peninsula, at least in the form of isolated examples: “Manolo”, a lone wolf who is sowing as much fear as anger between the farmers of The Monegros, seems to be the ultimate test.

This is one of those wild animals that have become legend: “Manolo” is accused in the death of more than a hundred sheep, more reliable data speaking of 117, in addition to many other injured and a burrilla who escaped by a miracle. This efficient predator appears to be extremely astute at the time of escape of the wrath of the farmers.

If the assumptions are true and this lone wolf comes from the Italian Alps, would have to recognize the ability of overcoming the distance of nearly a thousand miles to its consolidation, at least for now, in The Monegros aragon. The wolf is a great walker but anyway it is a true feat.

Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente used to allocate nicknames to the animals more beautiful, or more emblematic of our fauna; for the great naturalist genets was “the beautiful killer” the lynx “the phantom of the thickets,” and the wolf, the bandit and the outlaw”: “Manolo” seems to justify this last nickname, by the effectiveness and unpredictability of their attacks to the cattle.

The “feats” of “Manolo”, a name which has been awarded the ranchers, aragonese, have not been slow to skim the exaggeration: it is said that it is able to escape to 55 km/hour to lead the vehicles that have tried to chase it without success, and that it is ready as a devil to hide until his next attack: eternal mythology, a mixture of hatred and admiration, that eternally accompanies the wolf.

The trail of prey, a victim of “Manolo” dates back to the spring of 2017; for the naturalists, experts on the biology of the wolf is not far-fetched for the existence of the connection of the pyrenees between subspecies lobunas iberian and Italian, and establish more firmly the relationship of the hybridization between the two will be inevitable.

The wolves italians differ morphologically from the nominate subspecies iberian both in coloration and in the general proportions of its body and head: the subspecies Italian Canis lupus italicus is more longilínea and of greater height, with head and face more sharp and overall color grayish. The wolves Spanish Canis lupus signatus are coloring more brown and show some characteristics signals in the dark about the back of the front legs.

Until that has jumped to the pages of the press, in particular today in the newspaper The World, the corridor lobuno Italy-Spain was just a fact of scientific interest; from now on it will be also a news item of general interest that will, as always, appears on the scene wolf, not a few controversies. “Manolo” is going to make it very popular, and this popularity will lead you surely to ruin.

The lone wolves, as seems to be the case of our protagonist, tend not to be abundant in a species that is usually social: typically these are individuals expelled from the horde by a dominant male, the winner of the fight, encouraged the loser to seek salvation in flight.

If you do not get integrated into another horde that lacks the alpha individual for having been broken down, the lone wolf merodeará in search of new territories, reaching in occasions to distances as large as that of the case that concerns us: a herd destabilized is generating isolated individuals, usually males, although it may also be the case of females temporarily lonely.

From the functional point of view should not speak of the number of copies when it comes to perform censuses on the population lobunas, since the functional unit is not the individual but the herd. When it is necessary to make efforts to control it should be remembered that if it is killed the alpha male, which tends to be more sought after, the rest of the horde, destabilized, it will disperse in dangerous raids of prey , the more harmful and uncontrollable.

Inside of the legends that tend to accompany all the news relating to the wolf, and has already begun to accuse the ecologists on the origin of the problem of” Manolo”. According to sources as radical as ill-informed, “Manolo” was part of a series of wolves of Italian introduced in Italy to hybridize with the spaniards. No one creates these stories, even less credible than that of the very Little red riding hood.

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