Miguel del Pino: Protective saturated: the best time to take

Domestic animals with no known owner are at this time a true bubble in Spain; there will be differences between Communities home rule, but the problem is general and very serious.

The dimension of the conflict of the animals abandoned or lost, that’s all there is, does not correspond to our social and cultural level, but rather one of the so-called countries called “third world”. There is that to cure this pathology, but to do this it is essential to make the correct diagnosis.

Proliferate the abandonment of animals?

As is logical, there is not a single cause but rather a sum of them, and very varied indeed. There is a distinction between dogs and cats that are lost through carelessness of their masters, or by accidents of various and were never recovered, and other than their masters and handed over to protective by feeling unable to keep them, or what is worse, that some desaprensivos left with the entire burden of criminal this implies. All there is, we repeat, but the end and the consequences are always deplorable.

You must start by refuting the topic of the abandonment occurs in bulk when they come on vacation, and then pay the consequences the animals that came to the houses on the occasion of the christmas gifts. This is only partially true, and it certainly is not the most important one of the reasons that lead to the problem.

Because it is proven that the neglect occurs in the form of a constant tricklethroughout the year, and not only when you reach the holidays, the Protective know very well and is barely noticeable peaks in the demands of the host or location of abandoned animals.

With the holidays increases, that itself, the number of animals lost as a result of which their masters left them in the care of people with little experience or little responsible; the cats especially are often missing when moved, as his character explorer move them to try to leave the borders of their new territory

Continuing with the example delgato, once one of them is lost it can be problematic to re-approach the humans, since it is usual to try to find conspecifics and to join a colony, even if they are copies castrated. Only the very docile can have a second chance if they are sociable with strangers.

The stray dogs tend to have late traumatic when they wander around trying to find the company human loss. The lack of care on their owners which led to the loss can be punishable, as those poor animals generate numerous traffic accidents, at times even to loss of human lives.

Those who miscalculated their chances of having a pet in good condition and at least deliver it to a protective entity instead of quitting, do not reach the dimension criminal drop-outs, but also contribute to the serious problem of the saturation of the shelters; their good intentions were frustrated probably by her lack of knowledge, but ultimately it is the innocent animal who pays the consequences.

The outlying areas of large cities, suburbs, housing developments under construction and those sites that are not “either cut or cortijo” are the main source of animals found lost, in many cases, have not been abandoned, but that roam in freedom because they never had a owner.

Bitches without proper control that took care of the works or warehouse, and had access to copulate during estrus bringing the world litters uncontrolled are a sad example of this.

There are also losses or abandonments specific that give a very bad image to the collectives of which they came, as the guild of hunters: even though many of them are unscrupulous and their dogs to live the greater part of the year in the city as pets, some are lost during the raids, what they do has nothing to do with the thugs who abandon or kill their dogs because they cease to be useful to you.

There that solve the “traffic jam” of animals collected.

The Societies also sometimes pay the consequences of the minority bad behaviour of any of them. The recent case of the criminal judgment fall on the director of a creepy slaughterhouse of dogs in the guise of a protective is an example well recent. The vast majority of them are exemplary, living the enthusiasm of their volunteers and to draw the chestnuts out of the fire on many occasions to the authorities that they can’t with the economic dimensions of the problem.

The compulsory nature of the placement of the id chip, and even the employment of recent techniques of genetic type, should fix definitively the problem of the abandonment and facilitate the recovery of a lost pet to their owners seek to times with despair. Much progress has been made in this regard in recent years.

While going forward in the fight against all and each one of the causes that induce the proliferation of abandoned animals, sensitive people, and animal lovers can take advantage of these special times of the year to launch bulk to the adoption of animals kept in shelters: an animal without breed can be an excellent option, but also feature the protective with a sampling incredibly varied from dogs and cats of race that, for various reasons, were also abandoned. Sure that among them is the ideal for every family.

If we get out of the current situation of saturation and keep up with the pace of adoptions, at least at the current level we have not finished with a problem that presents so many edges; but at least it will give you margin and time for the experts, both in the veterinary world as of the Administration, to confront him with a real chance

And there is to recommend in a special way that does not give in to the temptation of acquiring an animal compulsively without thinking about the social responsibility and humanitarian work that this implies. A visit to the veterinarian prior to the decision to purchase or adopt, it is especially good because no one like him we can advise you on whether to go ahead or to give up on a project that, in some cases, it may be far-fetched.

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