Thousands of anonymous people every year to surprise the other at Christmas: you can become one of them

Growing up, we lose faith in santa Claus and start believing that magic does not exist. But this is not so. Anyone can become Santa Claus, as we demonstrate year after year the users of Internet web pages as popular as Imgur, Reddit and Pikabu.

To do this, all that desire, with advance notice (usually in November), must submit their requests to participate in a gift exchange. Thus, each one receives a name and address of a person who has to send a gift by Christmas or the New Year. The same “invisible friend” it will not remain without a gift, other user has to surprise you. prepared for you 30 examples of this type of present that will show you that making others happy is not so difficult. We have also found some lucky ones whose invisible friend was a famous.

From Canada, with love

This modest but sincere gift was sent in appreciation of the organization of the exchange of christmas gifts. It contained a postcard with good wishes, a small bottle of maple syrup and some slippers, all one needs in winter.

“Get some slippers warm, directly from Canada! I am very glad and happy!”

Book of recipes for those who want to increase their muscle mass and glass vessels with stones for whiskey

A creative gift

This girl received a gift with a detailed manual that will help you to choose what part of the world worth traveling to next year.

A quote from these instructions: “the contents of The packets will help the move for moments to any continent and to enjoy a bit of their culture”.

“I hope I did everything correctly”

“This is the first time that I participate in a gift exchange. Simply, I collected everything that I like in Australia. I hope that in Sweden also enjoy the chocolate.”

“My speakers old died. And Santa gave me new ones. It’s amazing!”

“This huge box went on the door with difficulties”

“Inside, it turned out that there was a huge puff. Thank you! It is just what I needed for my small apartment.”

“My invisible friend sent me… it’s A telescope!”

A gift card, games for work, a poster and goodies for my guinea pigs

“Threads, and an apron with Sailor Moon for me and balls for my dog Edison”

“Your gift means more to me than you can imagine”

This man admitted that his Christmas would have been very sad about certain family problems, if it had not been for the super gift of the master of special effects and television host Adam Savage: Nerf Blaster and arrows for him.

A special value to this blaster gives you the fact that Adam did it with his own hands, and after handing it over, he shared the process of its creation in YouTube. But that is not all. The beneficiary of this gift, decided to thank Adam this by sending a donation in your name to a charity fund, a cause to which it is joined by other users of Imgur.

“An invisible friend from the other side of the Earth”

The users of Pikabu knew that in the gift exchange involved people from all corners of the planet, but it is not expected that his gift of New Zealand were to be delivered by a courier service in just 3 days. The package contained a set of crystals in the form of a coral reef, bookmarks for books, a cute owl heat and a delicious chocolate.

“Thank you, mr. Perlman! It has been the best invisible friend of my life!”

This young man received a gift of the actor Ron Perlman in it: DVD and Blu-Ray with their movies, chocolate, and a book of his memoirs with an autograph.

“Thank you, my invisible friend, by these vivid emotions and all that surrounds him”

This person received a blanket, soft and warm, a book of Ray Bradbury, a teapot with cups to match, tea, chocolate, magnets souvenirs and other pleasant things.

“Just stand it the tears. If you find my invisible friend I like kisses!”

The users of Reddit found this invisible friend is so generous: it turned out to be the executive director of the company to develop video games, Iron Galaxy Studios, and Adam Boyes. The gift was made in 2014, but it certainly remained in the memory of the recipient for a lifetime.

“You said that you love chocolate”

But this was not the only gift: the “invisible friends” are not forgotten the fans of this girl for Star Wars.

“The force accompanying this invisible friend”

“The speaker that levitates in the form of the Death Star is the most brilliant I have ever seen in my life.”

The gift sweeter

The trunk of my invisible friend

And this invisible friend is not only prepared with a trunk full of gifts (which, by the way, made by your account on the basis of their own paths), but also took the time to present it personally in another part of the country. After something like that, who don’t believe in miracles?

When Snoop Dogg is your invisible friend

A woman named Erin received a gift from the rapper with a few objects that, according to him, will help you relax: a t-shirt, socks, slippers, tea, a drone and… talcum powder for babies.

A suit for the ferret

“My invisible friend knows that I love airplanes and beer. But don’t worry, I don’t tend to mix”

“Gifts for me and for my cat”

The cat is more happy than anyone else. In addition to the toys, it was a big pot of mint cat.

Tickets for opera and binoculars to the theater

“A set of tools widely useful”

“Beer and barbecue sauce with denomination of origin: Texas”

“I got a backpack galactic, a cup with a welsh corgi and a pajamas-giraffe”

“Hello from Boston! You have said that you would be pleased to receive socks, but I have for you something better.”

“The postman brought me a package from Canada of 10 pounds. And this is what was inside”

During a gift exchange in 2015, a girl from the Czech Republic had no luck, your “invisible friend” we never sent a gift. But the following year it received a magnificent view from part of a user of Imgur in Canada. Look at what he had!!

A lot of gifts from Bill Gates

If the “invisible friends” compete between them for their generosity, then perhaps the founder of Microsoft would have many chances of winning. Just look at these wonderful gifts that you sent last year to one of the users of Reddit!

Bill didn’t forget the puppy, which got mittens with the image of Zelda, to game with the he sent to his mistress.

The best gift of a friend invisible

“As a teenager, I drew comics about a whale named Toby. It is incredible that someone took the time to develop my character. I am tremendously grateful!”

What thou hast ever been the invisible friend of someone? Or, perhaps, another has been for you? It let us know with detail in the comments!

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