Look at celebrities through the eyes of one of the legendary photographers of rock of our time

Anton Corbijn is a photographer and director of music videos that not only takes photographs of rock stars but also creates their image. It is not a stylist, scorns the glamour, not to set the lights for two hours and works without assistants. Just lift the camera and photograph their characters in front of a wall or worn. Probably you have already seen his works in some place but simply did not know who its author was.

Great.guru wants to tell you about a photographer who became famous for apparently doing everything possible to not become one.



Corbijn was born in 1955 in the Netherlands. A young man took the camera from his father, went with her to the concerts and he said to them all that he was a photographer. With the time began to take very good photographs that were even published in local magazines.

In that time he made some mistakes. I had to use two films different to take pictures in dark places, and in the light. But I had no money for that, so the pictures had a harsh tone. As is often the case, the photographer has made in his personal method.

Michael Stipe, R. E. M.


David Bowie

Bono, U2

In the years ’70 Anton decided to move to London. Since then he began to work with famous musicians: U2, Joy Division, Sex Pistols and others. Later, musicians of the united States heard about Corbijn.

What was special about this photographer? He managed to capture the essence of the musicians without making them suffer.

“Anton just asked us to put in front of a tree. At that time did not suspect that we would give the name to the album ’The Joshua Tree’, said Bono of the group U2.

Mick Jagger


Depeche Mode

The well-known band Depeche Mode drew the attention of Corbijn for 5 years, but didn’t want to work with them, for being “too pop“. Later they became friends. Depeche Mode calls Anton ”the fifth member of the group”. After all, he created his image: made album covers, stage sets, and videos.

The fruit most famous of their collaboration is the video of the song Enjoy the Silence, in which the vocalist of the band Dave Gahan walking through the mountains disguised as a king with a folding chair. In fact, almost all videos iconic of the group (more than 20) were shot by Corbijn.

Johnny Rotten, Sex Pistols

Kylie Minogue

“I took photos in the desert, in the ocean, in the cemetery, in the bathroom, in bed, and I always felt comfortable,” says the photographer.

Miles Davis

Tom Waits

Alexander McQueen

Corbijn took photos of not only rockers, but also of athletes, fashion designers, Hollywood stars and models. But in reality do not like working with the past, because, according to him, his beauty is too obvious.

Cameron Diaz and Ewan McGregor

Gerard Depardieu

Liv Tyler

Nicolas Cage

Naomi Campbell

Vanessa Paradis

The own Anton Corbijn in the creative process

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