Take a good look at these 26 photos: you will break the head

Some photographs are made to break us the head. An unusual angle, a few reflections of strangers and things that look like something else: all of this confuses them and makes us look at the photo again and again to finally understand what it is that is happening there.

Great.guru joined 26 photos that seem more a conundrum complicated. In addition, it is very entertaining to look at.

The water in Sweden is very pure

Meeting of mini brontosaurios in a garden in Costa Rica

It seems that the Sun is massaging the shoulders of this man

When you blink faster than it reacts to the camera

In reality, it is not an ocean, but a plastic bag

A pickpocket with superhuman powers

What cat so unusual

The seattle Space Needles in Seattle soars over the clouds and it looks like the City of the Clouds of “The War of the Galaxies”.

So there are hundreds of crows in the trees covered in snow

The cat is not crushed by the chair, is completely fine

That’s a great glove! Wait… What is it?

This window in an abandoned building in Australia looks like a painting

The reflection of the lamp became a UFO

“In every sunset it seems to me that this building is on fire.”

Only someone spilled juice in the school, but now this seems to be a place of a cruel murder

This photographer slightly changed the reflection

The rain started suddenly

No longer serve him more alcohol to this brick wall

The tire tracks look more like a hummingbird than a tire

When you forget that you are a head of lettuce and grow as a pine tree

A simple troll river

The frozen ice looks like a topographic map

The wine bottles are melted during a forest fire and now they look like this:

Look at it well: it is not a leaf

Cold air

“My wife just wanted to take a panoramic photo during the parade in honor of the Day of Action of Thanks”

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