Look how was the advertising of the 27 famous brands of yesteryear

The advertising was born a long time ago: at about the same time that the trade. Then the printing of books drove the marketing and took her to a new level. But, of course, with the passage of time has undergone many changes. And the advertising of the same brands in different years, also looked very different.

Great.guru found some posters advertising old famous brands and you the shows to enjoy the nostalgia together.

1. Coca-Cola, the 1890’s



2. Chocolate Nestle, 1927


3. Cosmetic Max Factor, 1958

4. Champagne Mumm, the 1920’s

5. There was a time when sneakers were shoes to play basketball. Advertising Converse, 1961

6. Rakes Philips, 1989

7. Fiat car, 1930’s

8. Soap Palmolive, the 1920’s

9. Whisky J&B Rare. “The tree of pleasure”, 1972

10. Lindt Chocolate, 1880

11. Jeans Levi’s, the mid-TWENTIETH century

12. The detergent Persil washes as for “art of magic”, 1908

13. Chocolate Mars, 1957

14. Lacoste, 1980

15. Heineken beer, the 1950’s

16. 7Up, 1957

17. “Food helps people to create ideas”, 2004

18. Apple, 1979

19. Schweppes, 1908

20. “Oreo cookies: opens and licks”, 1950

21. Cream Nivea, 1936

22. Detergent Tide, 1950

23. Chewing gum Wrigley’s — Juicy Fruit, mid-TWENTIETH century

24. KitKat, the 1930’s

25. Cigarettes LM, 1964

26. Revlon, 1952

27. Mcdonald’s in the times in which eating outside the home was something special, the 1960’s

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