Look at how the school uniform mandatory in 13 countries of the world

On the question of whether you need a school uniform unique you can argue till you lose your head. Supporters of the dress code believe that it keeps the discipline in the group, praises the union and equality. And in addition, parents do not break the head thinking on how to dress their children. The opponents argue that this method of clothing it kills individuality, and has very little impact on the process of education.

Great.guru proposes not to discuss and just observe how they dress up the children in different countries to go to school. Many variants come with style and practices. Evalúalo yourself.


The school uniform for girls, “seifuku, occupies a very special place in the cartoons anime and comics manga known all over the world. The bodice in a sailor-style skirt and pleated in the classes of higher degree is shorter. The low-heeled shoes and socks until the knees are used even in winter. So you don’t slip, the students stick the socks to the legs with a special glue.

Great Britain

In England the dress code is very strict. The first uniform was blue. It was believed that this color will be used to children to the organization and the humility and also the fabric was cheaper. Currently, each institution has its own uniform and symbol. Still in some schools, everything is so strict and even when it is hot prohibited to wear shorts. This summer the boys made a demonstration and they came with skirts posted. After this, many schools introduced a school uniform of the gender-neutral.


The education system in australia is very similar to that of Great Britain. The school uniform looks a lot like the british, only that it is a little lighter and open. Due to the hot weather and constant sunshine, at many institutions, as a complement to the uniform, including a hat or hats.


In Cuba, the school uniform is represented in two versions: upper part white lower part and yellow upper part light blue with blue underside. In addition, the blouses and white dresses or dark pants feature a mandatory element: a tie, a pioneer in the field, who know very well the students ‘ soviet. It can be not only red, but also blue light.


In Indonesia the school uniform depends on the individual level in education. Remains unchanged the top white, but the bottom can be dark red, dark blue or grey. The most interesting thing is reserved for the last year. After passing the national exams, students celebrate their release and painted his uniform with markers and spray paint. Goodbye school!


The chinese students have several sets of uniforms: for public holidays and normal days, for winter and summer. The school uniform for daily use is nearly equal for boys and girls, is often likened to a suit sports.


All the State’s children have to wear school uniform. At the same time, Ghana, like most african countries, is characterized by low incomes and the high level of poverty. The purchase of the school uniform is one of the obstacles to receiving education. In 2010 the government, as part of its education policy, distributed free school uniforms.


The dress code in primary and secondary schools is simple, but the students of baccalaureate of Vietnam have the right to dress in the costume national white ao dai. In some educational institutions is welcome only in important events or ceremonies, but in others it is required for daily use.


The school uniform in Syria before the prolonged military conflict for political affairs was changed from the dull colors like khaki for eye-catching colors: blue, gray, pink. And symbolized the desire to establish peace in the Middle East, though now it sounds a little sad.


Bhutan is another country where the students dress up in traditional costumes national to go to school. For girls the uniform is called “kira”. The “gho” resembles a gown. Previously, the children within it were all of the manuals and school supplies. Currently the backpacks are more popular, but if someone may want to hide something in the chest.

South korea

Children in South Korea are studying from the morning until very late. It is not surprising that many of them believe that school is the place where most of romatico, as there you spend the greatest time of your life. The school dress code is mandatory and is regulated by the administration of the educational institution. However, the uniform is popular even in the streets of the city and among celebrities.

Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan state chose the dress code of white for the pupils. The uniform for girls consists of a dress and a tie, where the sleeves and neck can be different. For children are the white shirt and shorts in blue, which on holidays is changed for a white. It is curious how long it will remain clean.


In Russia the school uniform was suspended officially in the ’90s of the last century. However, since the 2013 administrations of the educational institutions may establish the requirements of the dress code for the students. Therefore, while in many schools to bring the school uniform is compulsory, in others it is sufficient to have this dress code: upper part white, lower part dark.

And what about you, what variant of the school uniform you like more?

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