Look at these stunning scenes, the result of the improvisation of great actors

The writers, as a general rule, write each word and action of the characters of the film. But when the roles are played by popular actors, these allow the license to deviate from the script and improvise so strongly, that the director leaves intact these shots “spoiled” to look in the final version.

Great.guru has prepared for you 19 famous scenes of the film in which the actors followed the script established and improved the plot.

The perfect killer

Playing in this film as the psychotic Stansfield, the inimitable Gary Oldman improvised with frequency, since the role of a character as inappropriate are allowed. So, in the beginning of the film, the role of Oldman is about the father of Mathilda and begins to olfatearlo. His fellow actor came to feel uncomfortable with the improvisation.

Later, when Stansfield account to the father of Mathilda his love for Ludwig van Beethoven, the actor improvises all, given that the script was not anything for the style. And what is more, this scene was filmed several times and in each shot the actor invented a new story about his true love for the works of the composer.

At the end of the film, according to the script, Stan tells his assistant to summon all the police officers to address the issue. Were filmed several shots where Oldman pronounces his sentence with a normal tone of voice, but then, when you decide to joke to Luc Besson and his fellow actor, yelled the phrase aloud. Besson was satisfied with the improvisation, so he decided to include it in the film.

Django without chains

In the film there is a scene in which Leonardo DiCaprio, according to the script, striking the table with his hand. But the actor is lost a little in the socket and ended up breaking a glass with the gesture. As a consequence, was wounded in the palm of your hand and what you see in the final scene is of royal blood. Pay attention to how all the actors were terrified, the reaction was truthful. But, despite the pain, DiCaprio continued to put in the body of your character and the result is obvious.

Is more, the actor decided to take advantage of full that time: Leo, suddenly, stained with his blood the face of the protagonist, played by Kerry Washington. If you look carefully that scene, you can see that is perplexed with the situation. Quentin Tarantino called this part of “fascinating”.

By the way, in this interview, Leo counts and displays the reaction of Tarantino to this unexpected situation during the filming.

Good boys

In the movie there is a scene in the restaurant, where the character of Joe Pesci tells his friends a funny story, after which everyone laughs and Ray Liotta says, “you’re a funny guy”. So it was written in the script. But Pesci decided to give life to the scene and he suggested to the director Martin Scorsese to joke with Ray. As a result, during the filming, Pesci did as if blocking the words of Liotta, considering them insulting: “Do, I look like a clown, eh? Do you do laugh, you have fun…? What you want to say that I am funny, explain it?” After this, the reaction of Ray Liotta is clearly appreciated his surprise at the unexpected turn of events and the scene itself was simply spectacular. That’s why Scorsese included it in the film.

Rescuing soldier Ryan

In this film Steven Spielberg produces a scene in which, according to the script, the characters of Tom Hanks and Matt Damon exchanged memories about their home. So, the story of Damon on a barn, just burns out due to a recklessness of he and his brothers, it was invented by this directly during the filming.

Two strange lovers

In this film we see a scene in which Woody Allen is studying a small chest with cocaine false. The actor (who was also the director) decided to add a touch of comedy to the situation and, suddenly, he sneezed in such a way that the drug was to stop the face of the actor Tony Roberts. At first, Allen thought that the joke was unnecessary, but during the preview, the audience all laughed so hard by this scene that Allen decided to leave it.


In one of the scenes, the character of Hugh Jackman knows professor Charles Xavier. At this time, the firm entering Storm and Cyclops. The actor, according to the script, I had to ask the professor: “what about you, what your name is? Do you bald?” But decided to season the joke, off the cuff: “what about you, what your name is? What wheels?” You can see how your fellow actor was a little puzzled by the question.

Taxi Driver

In the movie there is a scene where the protagonist, according to the script, simply converses with his reflection in the mirror. All that he says Robert De Niro in this scene is pure improvisation. As a result, the same has been included among the “100 best scenes of the cinema history”, citation and parody in cartoons and movies all types of genres.

Fast and furious 6

In one scene, Tyrese Gibson, according to the script, jokes about the character of Dwayne Johnson (“The Rock”). But this improvised replying brazenly: “Oh, it is better to hide that highway in front of you”. It was a surprise to all, even to the actor Chris Bridges, also in the scene, just to the side, which almost drowns drinking water.

The wolf of Wall Street

In one of the scenes, the character of Leonardo DiCaprio meets with his boss, played by Matthew McConaughey. After giving a class on how to become a stock broker with success and enjoy the life, McConaughey, to the surprise of DiCaprio, he began to hum a tune by slapping the chest. This was not in the script, but McConaughey improvised so well that Scorsese could not resist to include it in the film.

Training day

At the end of the film, there is a scene in which the character of Denzel Washington threatens to give trouble to all the neighbors that left him in the lurch. So dry it was written in the script, so that all the discourse of Alonzo, including the phrase that “King Kong is a louse” in comparison with him, is an impressive improvisation of Washington, who helped her get the Oscar for best actor, as well as the award for MTV’s best villain.

The Mask Zero to Hero

And now comes the king of improvisation. In one scene, the Mask shows tricks on the bad guys. After presenting a giraffe inflatable, Carrey put his hand in his pocket and pulls out a condom used with the following sentence: “sorry, there was this pocket”. Pure improvisation. Behind the camera, even you could hear the laughter of one of the actresses.

A couple of idiots

In the film, there is a scene in which Harry and Lloyd are in the car next to the offender. The directors were not too clear what would happen exactly in the dialogue between the characters. It is as well as were children’s games, sang songs silly, and the climax came with the interpretation of Lloyd’s “sound is more unpleasant in the world”. By the face of Mike Starr, who played for the offender to Joe Mentalino, you can clearly see that I was puzzled with the flow of idiocy that flooded her head during the filming of this scene.

Also in the movie occurs when Lloyd, coming out of the bar, he perceives in the wall an old clipping of a newspaper about the landing of man on the Moon and exclaims: “don’t tell me! We’ve landed on the Moon!” This joke was not in the script, the Carrey the invented on the fly.

Ace Ventura, detective de mascotas

In the scene of the dinner guests, the character of Jim Carrey pulls the cellist of the hand. That was not in the script, but this act clearly showed the frenzy of Ace Ventura and the director decided to leave this decision in the final version of the film.

Dr. cable

In the scene where the main characters enjoy a medieval, Carrey takes chicken nuggets to time inserting on his face. So, to parody a scene from “The silence of the innocent” and, in addition, says the voice: “Hello, Clarice”. All of this was pure improvisation of the actor and the reaction of his partner in this scene, Matthew Broderick, authentic. The director Ben Stiller liked it so much this idiocy in the shoot, which he did not hesitate to include the socket in the movie.

The Truman Show: the Story of a life

The scene in which the character of Jim Carrey draw with soap on the mirror, it is an improvisation on gross state own this monster of comedy. According to the script, would have been a time in silence, just looking in the mirror. But it is clear that a genius like him could not resist.

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