Look at these powerful photos able to soften even the hardest heart

If you feel that you’ve covered with armor, and you you have hardened due to the stress and the people unpleasant around you, so our selection was created especially for you. These images may melt the ice of your heart and excite even the most hard. Check them out for yourself.

Great.guru has gathered photos that generate strong emotions and want to do good actions immediately.

He lost his home

The Russian cosmonaut, Sergey Prokópiev, says goodbye to his son before moving to the launch pad of the Baikonur cosmodrome

“My father is mentally and physically disabled, cannot work and earn money. During the last month, for some reason, he had begun to save the change from their purchases. Today gave me this”

“Money for coffee. With love, dad.”


“This driver of Uber, Beni, took me to the hospital and stayed with me, because my family lives very far away”

Not always easy to find friends

A man decorated with the Medal of Honor, William Carpenter, with his mother. Despite everything that has happened to this brave man, is still his son

Thirst of life

A lunch sad

“Turkey holiday. Lunch for one”.

“She is afraid of storms, so he took his favorite toy to give him moral support”

A girl forgot her favourite toy in the train…

…But the railroad workers found the little girl and returned to him the stuffed animal

A woman soldier with a concussion he hid from the fireworks, and covered her ears

The loneliness

A butterfly alit on the bow in the form of a flower of a girl

The woman in the photo is blind. When they reached the section of the towels, she asked her companion: “please, put two mites into the basket, I love the white color”

A man was found with the same girl who, 10 years before, had saved during a hurricane

Always together

What photo I was impressed with the most?

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