Moves, tbh, and Hello say good-bye, Facebook the discontinued

It is never too late to renew itself, and this takes into account Facebook, who for several months has been changing, putting in and removing tools and applications that are within it.

Within these changes is the deletion of Moves, tbh, and Hello, three applications will be given low for the little scope that handle, in addition to the massive lack of use, becoming obsolete.

The information of this event, it was announced through the blog that has the social network, where it will reveal the low levels of interaction that obtain within Facebook; this is known by the reports that are generated on a monthly basis regarding the operation of all the applications that are on the platform.

The applications are valued not only for the company, but also by the users themselves that at the end of the day have the last word, because they are the ones that use them or leave them importance.

According to this and with the decision taken, there is no more to say goodbye, but not before allowing people to download their data in the next 90 days, because after that period of time, will be completely and definitely erased from the platform.

Facebook testing a new button to mute your notifications

If you are taken by surprise with the news and do not recall what was the role of each application, here is the reminder:

  • Hello, that was released in 2015, allowed people to combine the information of your contacts in the cell with those that had in Facebook.
  • Moves, whose arrival was given in 2014, it reaped the record of daily activity that the user performed.
  • Tbh, that just took a year inside of Facebook, made the comments that were issued within the schools of the united States, they were anonymous.

The three applications will be discontinued from 31 July.

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