Dies the keyboard, which revolutionized writing in the smartphones

Some years ago, a keyboard application became one of the most desired products for users, its novelty enhanced by the artificial intelligence greatly facilitated the writing on the mobile devices, especially when we could only take it with one hand, so that his popularity did not take long to grow, to such a degree that it became in his time on the keyboard more popular Android.

We talk about Swype, the keyboard that featured for the first time the option to swipe your finger over the letters to form a word, and that in his time its powerful artificial intelligence was able to predict the next word.

In a startup Swype is launched in beta phase as many other products, but their method of writing was so innovative that millions of users signed up to the beta of Swype, a situation that became the keyboard of choice for most Android users, at that time Apple did not allow the installation of third-party keyboards on their devices.

The competition, the judgment of Swype

The problem came when the most powerful companies began to develop their own keyboards with this technology, the most popular were SwiftKey, Chromme Keyboard and the keyboard Google, although we can count a dozen keyboards that also include the “swype” arrived with news that drew the attention of the users, while that Nuance, the company who owns Swype could not keep at bay in front of your competition.

This no doubt slowed down all of a sudden, popularity of Swype, however, the technology that became all the rage increased even more, but as your application already did not have the downloads that they wanted, the company decided to end with the support.

It was just done a few hours when Niance announced the following:

Nuance does not update more the Swype keyboard+Dragon for Android. We are sorry to leave the business of keypads for individuals, but this change is necessary to allow us to focus on the development of solutions IA to be sold directly to enterprises. We hope that you are enjoying Swype, we have enjoyed working for the community of Swype.

5 alternative virtual keyboards for your smartphone

It seems that the company will continue to present in the market of the artificial intelligence, so that we hope that in the future, submit another technology as innovative as it was “swype” in their time.

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