Nintendo goes wireless NES controllers sell for the Switch

You know, the NES games from a zillion years ago? Nintendo blows this games new life into them playable on modern Switch-console. The manufacturer will start next week with the sale of wireless NES controllers that Switch can play different games.

That makes the manufacturer announced in a press release. The controllers come available exclusively for customers with a paid Switch Online subscription, which you games can play. In the Netherlands and Belgium, the controllers per two about the (digital) counter for 59,99 per set. The sale starts next week, and the controllers come as yet only in the gray color.

Almost identical NES controllers, but wireless

In terms of design, seems to be the new NES controller exactly the same as the original. He has only no wire, because the connection to the Switch is wireless put. Nintendo is not saying in any way, but it is likely that this is via bluetooth happens.

The controllers charge via the dock of the Switch. You can only use NES games on the Switch to play, though it is possible that in the future, more functionalities become available.

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