“You don’t have to be a friend of your companions of the hall”. The truth of which no one speaks

Fortunate are those who find their best friends in the school. In reality, some might consider the friendship of the college an example to follow for the whole life. But sometimes it happens that you make friends only in words, while, in real life, school friends drift away more and more. Is this normal??

Great.guru decided to investigate on the issue and discovered 3 facts that will allow you to understand if your school friends are your true friends. And, in addition, you will know if it is normal not to keep friendships from that time.

Fact N° 1: it is more likely that your classmates no longer follow you on the social networks

You’ll be able to say: “Well, this doesn’t prove anything”. And you will answer that the so common “stop following” are a vivid example of the distancing cultural and real people.

According to a study by Christopher Sibona of the University of Colorado (USA), the more often they are left to follow on Facebook are the companions of school. The main reason of this fact could be a tremendous change in the perception of life and the world around the people who just yesterday were sitting in the same room. The indicators that can lead to making the decision to remove someone from the list of their friends are their religious publications, policies, and other which differ from the point of view of the subject. Another reason is the loss of interest in the life of the excompañero. “So best leave it to continue, because neither of us will see you in the future.”

To tell the truth, the youth of today have a rule not written: “I deleted it of my friends = you out of my life”. And those that take the first place in that are the companions of the school. What do you think that means that attitude?

Fact N° 2: do not have nothing else to talk about

Have you ever noticed that in the meetings of fellow students almost always talk about the memories of the past? Well, in this case it is re-general, and not when you meet your best friends of that time, that you never separate. If we take out of these conversations the old jokes, gossip, and news about the teachers, because they have a lot to talk about. Look at this example, a true story that happened to one of our editors:

“Last year I was passing in a city in which he now lives an ex-partner’s living room. We were good friends in school and then we continue talking… Well, in group chat or comments on Instagram. I had not the slightest doubt that the 5 hours I had left before taking my flight I had to go with it. The first two hours we talked about the life of our former teammate, friends, and our own lives, as well as what was happening in that city. Other two hours were filled with pauses and abrupt changes of topics of conversation, when one of us remembered the other thing that we could comment. The last hour was spent walking silent through the park, looking in different directions, breaking the silence once in a while with sighs and typical phrases, such as ‘Well, yes’, or ‘this is the thing’. We no longer had anything to talk about. And then there was the time when I realized that all those chats and comments were a fiction of friendship out of respect for old times.”

Fact N° 3: fellow ≠ friends

Heidi, the author of a blog for children called Forthworth, describes this situation perfectly: “For many years I heard that several teachers were positioning the peers in the room of my son, as if they were his best friends. It seemed to be true… until one day, my son returned from the school concerned about the rude behavior of one of those ‘friends’. I already knew that was not the first time that that child had discussions with my little one, so I told him that sometimes in life we find people that we don’t get along well, and it is normal. I will never forget his stare and his question: ‘why, Then, the teacher says that we are friends?’”.

Not all the children in the class will be your friends, this is clear. But what if nobody is? How can this happen? Is it normal for a friendship is lost with the years and that you turn away from your best friends before?

The answer is yes, it is normal. Even more, many times it is very logical (maybe not necessarily your case. You can be the lucky ones who found their best friends just in school).

To understand this, let’s see your friends from other areas of life:

  • With the colleagues of the university share the same specialty. That means that all you defined a topic of common interest.
  • With co-employment you have a field of specialized work, where their ways of thinking may be similar.
  • With colleagues (here to choose): football, band, gym, church, painting classes, etc, you also have the same interests.

But what you have in common with your classmates from school? Simply that you went to the school that was closer to home, or your parents decided where to send you, thinking of your future. So, if in your living room of more than 15 children you did not find neither a soul mate, there is nothing strange. For this reason, there is nothing wrong in not having a friendship with the companions of the hall. Simply, you and other children do not share the same interests.

What was your experience with your classmates? Do you find your best friends in the college? Tell us in the comments.

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