What we are hartando of so many cell phones?

It may be a simple answer answer for many and difficult for others, I consider myself a lover of the smartphones, are one of the gadgets that catch my attention, however, since a couple of years, I think that the brands are saturating the market with models whose evolution is not really significant, since with the release of a minimum of two smartphones high-end of the year, and more than 4 (in some cases) in the mid-range, the reality is that I do not see an evolution that make it worthwhile to buy a new device, even with the year or previous generation.

We’re going to put a very recent example as is the Galaxy Note 9, is it worth to buy?, my answer is no. The Galaxy Note 9 is a good phone, could be a candidate to the phone of the year, but what I’m getting is that it is practically a clone of the Galaxy S9+, because the camera is the same, the size is very similar, and practically in the technical data sheet does not change, except for the version of 8GB RAM with 512GB of internal storage.

He had already said, in The Cloud, the Galaxy Note 9 was going to be a version of a light-enhanced S9+, and that is, if it weren’t for the S-Pen, because I don’t see other reason of identity to the family Note, at least not in 2018, as there was in the year of its release.

And the same case of Samsung, what we see in other brands, especially the we sell millions of smartphones a year, Huawei is another clear example, because this year launched the P20, P20 Pro and P20 lite, and in a couple of months is going to do the same thing with Matt 20, Matt 20 Pro and Matt 20 lite, and if you ask me what will be the difference, because I dare to say that its main distinction will be your new processor that says its CEO, will be a 20% faster.

Is it better to buy a Matte 20 if I have the Mate 10?, to my way of view… no, it will not be a leap so marked, but yes you could do it if you bet for the Mate 20 Pro, which presumably will have three cameras in the rear. But then, if the Mate 20 Pro will be as similar to the P20 Pro, does this not reduce the sales of the new phone of Huawei with the customers that have already opted for the P20?, as the logic indicates to me that yes, because not many people have the money to change team twice a year, and less if it is a high-end.

Xiaomi is another case, even I think that’s more serious, because the firm is going to launch a brand new smartphone of high range, taking up to three families of smartphones with specs virtually the same.

The best of the Galaxy Note 9 is a function of which no one speaks

This not only creates confusion in users when buying a computer, but also begins to tire out the people, who already do not see an evolution worth between one generation and another, and this is because practically we see new smartphones from the same company with just a few months of difference.

Apple and Google could change this trend

Apple and Google are two of the top manufacturers of today, Google will be starting out, but it is a fact that the company is on track, and all this because you have followed the steps of Apple to introduce a new line of smartphones year-on-year.

I’m not saying that the iPhone show a great technological leap, generation after generation, but the way people perceive better the evolution from one generation to another in comparison with other brands so I told them, because the new technologies in other companies are presented in a matter of months.

Some weeks ago it was rumored that Samsung could merge the family’s and the Note the next year, this has already been disproved by the head of the mobile division, Dj Koh, but I think that is an excellent idea, especially after all that Samsung has seen diminished sales of the Galaxy S9.

Samsung could merge Galaxy S and Galaxy Note in 2019

Now, if we consider that the next year could be three devices in the family S, a Galaxy Note, as Samsung would have 4 high-end equipment in a year, and they will all be similar, when the Galaxy S10+ could have a S-Pen and as well replacing the family Note, and then the differences between the S10 and the S11 would be better valued, because it would have been more time between one generation and another, not that at this point we compare the most recent model with the last presented, in this case the Note 9 against the S9+.

The companies will have their reasons to take out a minimum of 3 models of high-end year to year, but I think that we are coming to the time in which this starts hassling a little bit, because many times one just is getting used to your new phone when the brand has already taken one that boasts to be better, although this improvement is not as important as the marketing tells us.

What do you think you are?

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