New book of The Simpsons reveals secrets and scenes that never came out

The Simpsons is already the longest series of the story, are also a pop icon, and while many think that before were better, continue being a benchmark of the TV through the generations.

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With such a long history, there are many things that happen behind the scenes and reflectors that we do not know, or at least not until writers of the series as Mike Reiss, one of the most veterans in The Simpsons and winner of four Emmy awards, and you decide to take out a book like “Springfield Confidential: Jokes, Secrets, and Outright Lies from a Lifetime’s Writing for The Simpsons” (Springfield confidential: jokes, secrets, and outright falsehoods of a living writing for The Simpsons) in which he reveals secrets, in addition to jokes and anecdotes never before known of the most famous family of America.

The magazine The New Yorker had a sneak preview a preview of the book and we can now give you a brief summary of what the volume contains more telling of The Simpsons.

Some secrets

Among the revelations of Reiss for the first time speaks of the fate of the father of Marge Simpson: “Every time we mentioned the death of father of Marge appeared a cause funny. Had been drunk and had fallen from a roller coaster. I had eaten a bear in the circus, and so on. None of the jokes was enough fun as it was to come to the program. Finally, in the season 27 and we said that he died of lung cancer.”

Other data shocking is that… The Professor Skinner used toupee!. “It is true! They never showed or mentioned. We made jokes but always ended up outside. The only remnant is one of the jokes of Bart on the blackboard: ‘The toupee of the director is not a frisbee’”.

Some anecdotes

Reiss is also aware that the lively show creator Matt Groening so would only last six episodes, only the most optimistic of them, the executive producer Sam Simon, believed that to reach the 13 chapters. Who would say that 630 transmissions after they would continue to “winning as ever.”

The writer confesses that frequently featured scenes that had nothing to do with the story, to those they were called fillers. An example of a padding strange. “Although people like to have something extra at the beginning [of an episode] is usually to embarrass yourself if you are at the end. A time we fill in a short program with a segment of 30 seconds called ‘The adventures of Ned Flanders’.

  • Ned: they Finish with that, the two of you. It is the hour of the church.
  • Todd Flanders: Today we are not going to the church!
  • Ned: What? Give me one good reason.
  • Todd: It’s Saturday!
  • Ned: Ah, sabadabi sabadón.

Seconds after it went on air, I called my father. ‘What the hell was that?’, I asked. I didn’t even know that he was watching The Simpsons.”

Some controversy

The controversy of Duff Beer and Guns N roses is a good example. According to Reiss, Duff McKagan, drummer of the band of glam metal is attributed to the name of the official beer of Springfield, but Reiss what desmientes forcefully. “We needed a name for the favorite beer of Homer and Jay Kogen came up with Duff. No, he was not given the name of Duff McKagan, bassist of Guns N Roses; we had never heard of this type. What do you do? To McKagan loves to say that’s what we call him and ask him for the power to use his name: “I knew nothing about brands at that time and the benefits that arise from it. I just thought that was cool, wanted to use my name and boom, they were born ‘The Simpsons’. Yes, if I had a nickel for every time … but it’s okay. It’s a nice story false McKagan account in his memoirs aptly titled ‘It’s so easy and other lies’,” he writes.

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