Forcing an Elderly couple to be separated for the first time after 70 years together just before Christmas

Christmas is a time for sharing with family and friends, to give and receive love. And this is what they would like to make to Herbert and Audrey Goodine, a canadian couple to be separated for the first time in nearly 70 years, only a week of Christmas.

A few days ago, they informed Herbert, 91, who must leave the care center where she is currently living the two, and moving to a nursing home. Both have ensured that they are facing the ‘worst christmas of their lives’.

Obligan a una pareja de Ancianos a separarse por primera vez tras 70 años juntos justo antes de Navidad

The daughter of the couple, Dianne Philips, wrote on Facebook: “in talking yesterday with my parents, I heard my mother crying and my father in the background. My mother said to me:’Christmas is over for us. Is the worst Christmas that we will never have. Why not have waited to spend the holidays?‘”

And he went on to explain: “My parents have been together for 73 years, and even sleeping in the same bed. I feel that people need to know the flawed system that we have. Two words describe it perfectly: ‘unethical and cruel’. The move is scheduled for tomorrow, and yet I have not been notified of the final agreement. I’ve made sure to try everything to get can be together a few more days”.

Obligan a una pareja de Ancianos a separarse por primera vez tras 70 años juntos justo antes de Navidad

Officials have refused to delay the move so that they can spend the festive season together, despite the fact that they have been married for 69 years.

Since Dianne share this on the social networks, your publication has been shared about 19,000 times, and there are many who have expressed the injustice of the decision.

However, a representative of the home long-term care also responded on Facebook saying: “once a resident goes beyond our level, and has reassessed the social development to determine their level, I have to follow the rules and regulations established by the government. In fact, it is illegal to not follow the rules and I could lose my license. At that point, the decision had already been made and is out of my reach.”

What do you think of this story? Don’t you think it’s cruel to do this to a couple that has many years board? It let us know in the comments!

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