EYE! Check the agenda of what will happen in the macrosimulacro/tribute to the 19-S

This Wednesday, September 19 will be a special day for all mexicans. It will commemorate the anniversary of two of the dates most dramatic of our modern history, the earthquakes in 1985 and 2017, in which thousands of people lost their lives and several cities in the country, including Mexico City, were noticeably “hurt”.

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That is why it is being conducted in various parts of the country, mainly in the Capital, a series of activities that include some commemorative and other preventive, as the traditional megasimulacro. There have been changes in the agenda, so that has caused some confusion, but we already have the final program of which will occur in the City of Mexico to take precautions or decide if you want to participate in any of them.

The agenda of the September 19, 2018

  • Minute of silence: In the home page of the electronic portal of the SSN can be shown only an image in a sign of mourning for a minute from 13:14:40 hours. All other sections will continue to operate as normal, including the page devoted to the ‘Recent Earthquakes’.

In the event that there is a report on seismic real at that time, the page will return to automatic in your version usual to display the most recent information.

  • Start the simulation: at Exactly 13:16:40 hours will start the simulation, so that the Seismological National will publish a message announcing the start of their participation through the Twitter accounts, @SismologicoMX and @SSNMexico, and the page of Facebook.

For the information that is published by the simulation will use the hashtag #MacroSimulacro2018.

  • Preliminary report hypothetical: After the alerts, it will publish a preliminary report, and hypothetical at 13:20:00 hours on social networks and on the electronic page.

Take into account that all of the preliminary reports issued by the SSN are generated in an automated manner when the earthquake is of higher magnitude of 4.0 degrees. It is calculated with a minimum of data with the goal to be as fast as possible in approximately 5 minutes after the occurrence of the earthquake.

  • Report verified hypothetical: At 13:30:00 hours there will be a message or report verified hypothetical to update the preliminary report. Are in this exercise, both reports have exactly the same dice of the quake hypothetical: 7.2 degrees with its epicenter at 35 kilometers to the east of Acatlán de Osorio, in Puebla.

In reality in an earthquake, the report verified contains different information than the preliminary report, the magnitude may be higher or lower, the location of the epicenter can even relate to another nearby town to the one mentioned above, etc

  • Special report hypothetical: the simulation of the SSN will end at 13:45:00 with the publication of the special report hypothetical. The document will include a brief explanation of the purpose of each section or subtopic that generally comprises when it comes to an earthquake real.

When there is a strong quake, a sequence of seismic or earthquake that was perceived important in an area, or region, we prepared a special report with detailed information about the seismic event and shared both on the website of the Seismological as well as in social networks.

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