To become a genius, you can afford with what you have on hand. And here are the tests

If we could choose who to be on a desert island, it definitely would lend attention to the people in this article. If you can convert a stain of a shirt on an island, or jumping into the sea from a step ladder, never get lost in any part. compiled photos of users who see the reality from a different angle and find a use unusual to the most common things.

“If you spilled something on your shirt, simply draw a border around the stain and give it a name. Seem to have returned from some island”

When you can finally apply what you learned in geometry in school to a real-life situation

“My friend forgot her fork”

When there are not enough cars, but you pull out your wit

“My father is living at 3017”

“I went to the beach and saw that. Impressive”

“The universal remote of my uncle”

When you don’t want to lose even a single client in the high season

You can use a coat hanger as a support for the paper towels

And for the toilet paper, you can use a roller to paint

“My father hid his beer shrewdly”

When you get to a beach and you remember that you can not swim

What do you think, Elon Musk?

When you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, but you don’t lose your head

Now you can store your knives in an elegant way and in less than a minute

Boy, you’re a fucking genius

Bonus: our prediction is that it will grow and will invent something very great

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