Why use Google Chrome your fingerprint reader with your new role?

Google Chrome, that has recently been updated with new features and new design based on Material Theming, has now announced an interesting new feature that will come later to all users whose devices have a fingerprint reader, because now you will use it to our benefit.

And is that the new version 70 Google Chrome beta now allows you to authenticate to websites with your fingerprint, so that you don’t have to be remembering the password for each service, or, you don’t have to open your password manager to know your password.

This function took a lot of time by requesting one from Google, but it is a fact that for everything to work we are going to need websites to implement the new API of Google Chrome, since the browser is already compatible, but each web site should allow this to happen, otherwise we’re not going to be able to take advantage of the situation.

Another of the advantages of the version 70 of Chrome is that if the user does not want to use the fingerprint, then you can use the PIN or password for your phone to authenticate yourself, another method that seems fast and functional, however, when you talk about security, we know that there is nothing more secure than a fingerprint.

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This function has been shown to be functional for mobile devices, and still it is a doubt if it could be used on computers that also have fingerprint sensor, although as mentioned, it will not be useful until web sites start using this new API, though surely Google will be one of the first to do it with their web services.

With this feature, Chrome will become the first and only browser (for the moment) able to exploit the fingerprint reader for the benefit of users on the Internet.

For now there is no information as to when it will launch Google the update the version 70 for all users, but you can already try it in Chrome beta for Android.

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