For all this you get hit with the price of the iPhone XS

In addition to launching its new products, Apple we also threw how much are the prices of the iPhones XS and XS Max (ouch!).

There are those who yearn to have them is not the fault of the company that we are poor, these phones are made for those who can and want to pay the modest sum of up to 32,999 and 35,450 mexican pesos, respectively, for the high-end models. (The iPhone, the XR does not play for the purposes of this note.)

If you’re considering your options, you could also consider buying other things with the price of the iPhone XS.


LG – Display is 75″ – Ultra HD/4K – Tvs, Smart TV
Total: 32,499 MXN

Samsung – Display 55″ – Flat – 4K QLED – Smart – Q HDR Elite
Total: 32,999 MXN


That money is more than enough to hook many new cars and various ranges.

Versa Exclusive auto with A/C 2019
Total: 27,690 MXN

Spark G (LTZ) Aut, AC, Airbags, USB, Bluetooth, Electrical, ABS and Rhine aluminum 15 2018
Total: 24,010 MXN

Toyota Prius C 2018
Total: 31,940

Video games

You could buy ALL of the following games:

PS4 Pro: 9,999 MXN
Control PS4: $999 MXN
Xbox One X: 10,499 MXN
Xbox One: $1,699
Smart TV 4K UHD 43 inches: $8,599 MXN

Total: 31,795 MXN

(And you spare for the pizzas.)


Crown Capital (plus) 5,200 MXN
Gorillaz (track) 1,980 MXN
Festival-Coordinate (plus) 3,200 MXN
Pixies 2,940 (vip) MXN
Phobia (A) 1,566 MXN
Tha Vaccines (vip) 1,046 MXN
Nick Cave & The Badseeds (vip) 1,400 MXN
Jungle (audience) 1,700 MXN
Mew (balcony) 927 MXN
The Caligaris (preferred) 1,433 MXN
Peter Hook (preferred) 1,430 MXN
Bomba estéreo 780 MXN
Festival Hypnosis (platinum) 1,400 MXN
Festival Ultra Mexico (vip) 4,500 MXN

Total: 29,502 MXN

(You left for a couple of chelas.)


Tour Europe Express in the agency World Young. Includes 11 days in Paris, Switzerland, Venice, Munich, Rhine Valley, Amsterdam and London, and to top it off with the following activities:

Gourmet Picnic beside the Eiffel Tower
Visit a farm of Dutch cheese
Manufacturers of Swedish
Bike Tour through Amsterdam
Walk in Vaporetto down the Grand Canal of Venice
Visit to the former concentration camp of Dachau
Dinner cruise of Amsterdam’s canal

Total: 31,645 MXN

(You still sobrando for many llaveritos of the Eiffel Tower.)

Other Apple products

A 13-inch MacBook Pro with a processor of 2.3 GHz and 128 GB of storage.
Total: 29,999 USD

A iMac 21.5-inch with retina display, 4K, processor 3.0 GHz and storage of 1 TB.
Total: 29,999 USD

iPad Pro 64 Gb 12.9-inch 18,999 MXN
Applewatch series3 GPS + cell 8,999 MXN
Total: 27,998 MXN

(Take a few Beats as a gift, and you spare for an external hard drive.) and Partners.

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