Paranoia digital in Mexico, how many mexicans are afraid to be heard by their phones?

Mexico is not exempt of suffering the collective fear that has arisen due to the privacy of cell phones. How has been the talk all over the world, the mexicans also fear they are being listened to by their smartphones, plus they don’t trust the apps that you downloaded; on the other hand, most of them do not use the recommended safety measures to protect yourself.

Does your phone you’re listening to? Scientists spend a year getting the reply

According to a report from the Russian company of cyber security, Kaspersky Lab, 78% of mexicans fear that someone has access to your mobile device to view or listen to your activity; the other 71% are concerned about the possibility of being tracked via your device using the function of geolocation.

The data are part of a global report recently conducted by specialists of Kaspersky which aims to understand the perception of vulnerability on the part of the users of mobile devices around the world.

Other fears

The number of Kaspersky also ensure that 69% of mobile users in our country do not feel comfortable that the applications they download to request access to information, contacts list, and photograph gallery. This number is substantially higher than the 46% who expressed the same distrust in 2016.

The document states that 83 per cent of Android applications have access to sensitive data about their owners, and 96 percent of them can be started without the user’s consent and without their knowledge, even while using other platforms.

We do not protect

Despite all the concerns of the mexicans, in our country there prevails a culture of prevention to protect our mobile devices. According to the work published by Kaspersky, 42 percent of mexican users admit that it does not check the permissions of your apps mobile pre-installed on the phones that they purchase, both Android and iOS. The 15 per cent of them, neither does the apps you download and subsequently install.

Another interesting finding is that in Latin America, 54% of users do not protect their mobile devices and only 22% used solutions anti-theft. These statistics show that people leave their devices –and the growing amount of valuable data that they contain– within the reach of anyone.

The study shows that, the (41%) of the people of the region used their smartphone to make online banking transactions, which, of course, provides access to financial information that is extremely valuable both for the user and for the criminals. In addition, 64% of people regularly use their smart phone to access their personal email accounts, and 68% say they use it to monitor their social networks, events that involve a large amount of confidential data.

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