Danger! Reveal list of apps spy for iOS, Android, Chrome, and Firefox

By most measures that are taken and adjustments are made, the cybercriminales are still finding the way to attack the computers of your users and the apps have served particularly well as a vehicle to enter the devices and make your own.

Google undertakes the clean of Apps most severe of its history

Just a few weeks ago I mentioned of a list of apps with viruses for Android, now consulting on cyber security AdGuard Research has just published a new list with apps for iOS and Android that installed spyware on users ‘ devices; up to now, a total of 11 million people affected, and counting.

AdGuard Research released the list on his blog, where specific that this spyware is being distributed via browsers (Chrome and Mozilla Firefox primarily) and mobile apps and what they do is to collect the browsing history of the users. Some of them have millions of downloads, so that should be considered as a danger.

ESET found more than 30 apps fake on the Google Play Store

The issues is that several of these apps and extensions provide specific services and sought-after as blocks of ads, and other make promises as to increase the speed of navigation of the users, while they install a spy software.

Big Star Labs, the guilty

All extensions and apps from the list have been developed by the same company: Big Star Labs. According to reports AdGuard Research, “it is a company in Delaware, united States, recently registered, so that it is difficult to trace it back to the real beneficiaries. This also makes it almost impossible to trace with whom they share their data.”

If you have installed or know of any of these apps, it is recommended to take measures immediately to delete them, and warns other users not to download:

  • Block Site (Extension and application): More than 1.4 million users in Chorme and 119,000 in Firefox. The same extension has its version in “app”, and is installed on more than 100,000 Android devices.
  • Popper Blocker (Extension): 2.2 million installations in Chrome and more than 50,000 in Firefox.
  • CrxMouse (Extension): 410.000 users on Chrome.
  • AdblockPrime (iOS App): this Is an “adblocker” for iOS, but you do not have data about how many people have downloaded this application.
  • Speed BOOSTER (Android Application): This Android app has 5 million installations.
  • Battery Saver (Android Application): This Android app has 1 million downloads.
  • AppLock (Android Application): This Android app is at 500,000 devices.
  • Clean Droid (Android Application): This Android app has 500,000 installations.

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