Pepito, the fearsome dinosaur in Spanish that has been cast in Jurassic World

In 2010, Spanish researchers discovered a new species of dinosaur at the site of Las Hoyas (Cuenca). He was baptized as Concavenator corcovatus and dubbed with the very Spanish name of Pepito. He became the star of a museum, – the Palaeontological of Castilla-La Mancha – and holds since then the honor of being the dinosaur most complete found in Spain. Now, its discoverers can sign up for another medal: Juan Antonio Bayona, the Spanish director has directed Jurassic World, the new installment of the series “Jurassic Park,” has confirmed that the creature appears in the film.

Bayona has been confirmed to questions from the department of Paleontology Applied by the universities of Valencia and Alicante, which is believed to have seen him in the movie. As before, the dinosaur had been sensed in some of the images from the shoot released by their producers.

The track to locate the dinosaur is its hump, its most prominent feature, and that it still is a mystery to paleontologists. In fact, his name is Concavenator corcovatus, the hunter, hunchback of Basin. He was 6 metres long, four times faster than a velociraptor, and it is believed that, like the latter, was also a predator and a fearsome predator. He lived in the south of Europe 125 million years ago.

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