People who are tired of their extra pounds share their amazing transformations to motivate those who are thinking of losing some weight

Almost 30% of the population of the planet Earth suffers from overweight, but only a few decide to change their life. Some, like the editor of a sports magazine, John Lipsey, manage to do this very fast. To learn that it was going to be a dad, John decided to lose weight in 2 months and achieved a surprising change without complicated diets or a personal trainer. Other people need years to lose weight with the help of strict regimes and constant physical activity. Anyway, it is worth the effort.

In this article we want to share with you inspirational photos of people, with their willpower, they became the best versions of themselves. met 17 transformations great for you to motivate them to adopt healthy lifestyle habits and lose those pounds more that both bother you.

The disability did not prevent him to this beautiful young lady to start doing sports and lose 25 pounds in 3 years

Here is the editor that we speak up, which turned her belly into a set of abdominal impressive

This young woman has dropped almost 100 pounds in 2 years

Currently, Amy is happy because you can easily jump into the arms of her husband.

This young man took 10 years in slimming. Dropped 29 pounds and, apparently, took off a few years of above

And this boy has not only thinned, but also found his calling. Now is a coach

Look what linda’s waist was hiding behind the pounds. A true hourglass!

Now, this man weighs 140 pounds less

Tony decided to lose weight when, during an evacuation, a person could not board a plane for their guilt.

This young man found his ideal of beauty, and is happy

Kate thinned a lot by calculating the calories of your food and training, but due to an eating disorder and a strong hatred for her body, I was not happy not even being thin. Today everything changed. No longer thinks of the food, practice sport for pleasure and feel beautiful.

After 5 years, it was only half of this boy

In 3 years, this young woman lost half her weight and now looks unrecognizable

Well, of course, the angle helps… but also the 62 pounds lost

Mother and daughter lost 100 pounds between the two, and now feel happy and beautiful

A dad and his son were motivated to each other. The difference between the photos is 5 years old. The young man grew up and his father is rejuvenated

The beginning of family life can motivate anyone to leave behind a bad life, and to choose good habits for fear that a better health

Lost 90 pounds and is more proud of himself than ever

The difference between the pictures is 1 year and 53 pounds

2 years and 85 pounds later, this young man finally smiled again

What transformation I was impressed with the most? If you’ve gone through the same thing, tell us in the comments your experiences on losing weight.

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