We talked with MKLeo, first of Smash Bros in the world.

Leonardo López, better known as MKLeo, is a young man who conquered the EVO in Japan, one of the events most important games in the world. After a hard-fought final against Abandango, player of Japan, MKLeo managed to take the first place in Smash Bros the Evolution Championship Series (EVO) in Japan, and what that meant was also the first time that the name of Mexico appears among the champions of one of the events of video games more important in the world.

To do this, our colleague Karla Almaraz of the editorial team at Chilango has spoken with MKLeo, where we talk all the details of how this young mexican achievement to be part of one of the computers video games more competitive and known in the united States.

Although his dream was to become an astrophysicist, his skill at video games, especially Smash, what led you to become a professional player when he was 15 years old. At that time the trips and international competitions became a part of your daily life, so much so that he managed to join Echo Fox, a competitive team from the united States.

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MKLeo shared with Karla how she came to become the first mexican to win this international competition.

I had already participated before in an EVO, but I was in the place 65, was one of the defeats that impressed me most, because I felt that something was wrong with me, something I blocked.

Then I had to train more, to see my errors and have more confidence in myself. Six months later came the EVO in Japan and I was in the first place. In the united States there is a belief that it is very difficult to beat the japanese.

As MKLeo, there are plenty of professional players that have represented our country in international events of video games, such as League of Legends or EVO Japan. However, the scene is competitive in our country has grown at a slower pace.

The scene competitive is rare because there are many weekly tournaments, but I feel I should make very large tournaments and support players for them to play on other sides. There are very talented players in Mexico, but they face many obstacles in order to ascend, we said MKLeo.

Currently, video games and e-sports are in full fight for them to be recognized, perhaps not as a sport, but as a serious competition.

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Just as there are people who are dedicated to soccer, that the players of e-sports: wake up early, train them, exercise your mind, engage, learn several things, traveling a lot and agree with what they do. Is not like sports, but it is very similar.

I would like to be the best in the world and that people, when they see me feel inspired and want to get to the video games. You to see that yes it can be, if they lose a competition is not because they are bad, but because they had a bad day, but there will always be other opportunities.

By now preparing to continue with his career in video games; but in the future hopes to become a translator, so the language is not a barrier in these competencies, or in other areas of life.

If you want to know more details about this interview, I invite you to read the full story here.

Photography and original note from Karla Almaraz.

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