Finally! Apple would include chargers for fast charging in the case of the next iPhone

One of the things that is most criticized Apple with the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X was that despite the fact that they were the first computers of the company that are compatible with the fast-charging, users were not able to enjoy this technology with the charger that came in its box, but you had to buy another that would be compatible with the quick charge.

If the price of the iPhone is not economic, we do not understand why the company did not offer a charger for fast charging in its recent models, a minimum in the iPhone X, which is the iPhone more expensive in all history.

Well, everything seems to indicate that the company has thought better of things and the new iPhone will include a charger for quick charging in the box, so users will not have to pay more money for use of this technology, which is so popular in full by 2018, and even Android phones mid-range the include for years.

As reported by 9to5mac, who argues that these rumors come directly from japan, where they have had access to the chargers that is included in the box of the iPhone this year.

Makes several weeks had already filtered the photographs of these chargers, which also seems to include the port UBS-C, because we must not forget that the European Union soon will force manufacturers to use this standard in all their devices.

The next iPhone charger could be faster with its USB-C

The same source mentions that the power of these chargers will be 18W, so you’ll even be able to reach 100% of the iPhone battery in about 30 minutes.

But it’s not all good news, because according to the source, during the first months of sale users will not be able to buy another charger with fast charging technology and USB port-C, this is because of time the production will be designed exclusively to supply the iPhone sold, even if after will the chargers to the Apple Store.

Faced with this situation, Apple could allow other chargers to be compatible with the new iPhone, but that we will know until the day of his presentation in September.

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