Why Chrome will no longer display if a web page is secure

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers today, as it is also one of the most complete, and one of the things that Chrome implemented a long time ago and focused many efforts was on display next to the web address if the site was secure, that is to say, that the hypertext transfer protocol is secure, which we see as a HTTPS in a green color.

Well, starting with version 69 of Google Chrome, the browser will show you which sites are safe or use HTTPS, and although it seems that it is a bad idea, the reality is that this is all for a good reason.

And is that in recent years, Chrome and other browsers have forced web sites to use HTTPS and not HTTP, because until some years ago, there were very few sites that used the HTTPS, however, today it is the other way around, and are counted that have not been changed to the secure protocol.

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This is the reason why Google no longer seen to be necessary to show to the user when a web site is secure, for now he will do the opposite.

Yes, Google now will notify you when a site is not secure, since you have the time that it does, but now it will be much more emphatic. For example, in the version 68, Chrome not only shows the classic exclamation mark, but you will also have the legend of “Not sure”, and in case the web site asks us to fill out a form, then the legend will be red to warn the user that there are potential risks in the web site.

The first changes we’ll see in September, which is when it intends to launch the version 69 Google Chrome, even though everything mentioned above will be implement in version 70.

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