Why start from zero every New Year and how to do it correctly?

It happens that on the eve of the New Year a miracle happens: the counter of our failures, restarts, life begins with a new page. This counter is not at all an invention of lazy people. For the rules to be clear, any “game” must have a beginning, an end, and at least some “charging points” that provide the opportunity to rest before a new “level”. And the New Year is, precisely, one of these points.

So you can use “pause” correctly, Great.guru you will how to schedule your plans for the next year so that they can become a reality. Go, pulling out a sheet of paper and a pen!

1. Find the correct targets

In the first place, to formulate your plans and desires you must thoroughly review your life to understand with precision exactly what it is that makes you lack. To do this will help you a simple diagram and clear: “the wheel of life”.

The life of each person is divided into several spheres of the individual. When all the areas are well developed, we are in a state of complete harmony. But if one of them is wrong, we immediately feel that something in our life isn’t working and there is at least one problem or dissatisfaction that disturbs our thoughts before going to sleep.

Draw this wheel and paint the areas that you are completely safe. The fields are empty or partially painted will immediately open your eyes and you will understand in what part of your life, you must dump all of the forces during the new year.

2. Review your goals

There are fans of write lists of wishes such as: “I want to be a billionaire, buy a jet and fly to Fiji”. This is not good for anything. Your task is not to write a letter to Santa Claus, but to make clear actions that really can perform.

To verify if your desire is right, use the formula SMART. It consists of the following 5 characteristics:

S: Specific (Specific)
M: Measurable
A: Achievable
R: Realistic
T: Temporalizable

If your desire to comply with these points, write it down without fear on the list.

3. Express your desires in this present time

Unconsciously let your desire remain only a wish if you type “I Want a new job”: you’ll continue wishing until the next year. Instead, you have to write the wishes in the present tense: “I have a new great work”. With this you affirm your intention.

4. Forget the “not”

When formulating your goal, avoid using the “not”. The motivation will be much higher at the start than to stop doing something.

For example: instead of “Not smoke anymore”, “I have a healthy lifestyle”.

5. Record all

Surely we’ve all had in school at that companion, let’s call them Peter, who is always getting bad grades, and the teacher’s question of why not wrote down anything, he replied: “I’ll remember everything.” Well, don’t be like Peter!

You will not be able to remember everything in detail: take a pen and write down your goals on a piece of paper. And the more accurate description of the way in which you think that can be made (and, as we recall from the previous points, should be achievable), so much the better set the theme in your head. With this schema it will be much easier to convert your dreams in reality, because you will already have ready a plan of action.

6. Do not include in the plan to specific people

Nobody owes you anything. If you involve in your list to third parties, will not be sure that the plan is carried out. How can you know if that third party wants the same thing as you? That, for example, suddenly want to go out with you, marry you, to work, to be your friend.

Don’t specify specific people, not have them, write notions more widespread: “I’m with the person I love”, “I Completed successfully a course with a qualified teacher” and things like that.

7. Don’t skimp on emotions

It is always said that the main thing is to be motivated. To formulate goals, and desires, you can designarles emotions.

For example: “I feel comfortable in my new job”, “I feel overwhelmed by the joy of using the new study”. Then sintonizarás the wave right and it will be easier to begin to implement the plans that will allow you to live these emotions cheerful.

And to finish, we are going to motivate you: this year, the New Year is Monday! So hurry up and start making a plan for the new stage of your life.

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