Why do people continue to work even if you earn millions?

There are several stories of people who won the lottery, and you were enjoying life for a while, and then began to curse the day in which they purchased the lucky ticket. What more could you need someone? Take your champagne in a nice beach and no worry of it all. But this is not what happens in reality. The same test experiments to pay for a basic income in different countries. The people receive the money and still goes to work a lot more. Why is this happening?

The team is Great.guru wanted to investigate the reasons and discovered that the money is not enough for a life in harmony and happiness.

What, then, gives us the work in addition to salary desired?

  • Ability to have life under control

The work is something constant in our life. It is the anchor that helps us feel good, in a torrent of turbulent of different events, accidents and dramas. The work gives us a certain feeling of confidence and stability. Know that, no matter what happens, there is a place where you expect every day at 8 in the morning.

  • New contacts

There are dozens of movies about a relationship that is born in the work. And not surprisingly, the common work unites people and makes them seem much more attractive to each other. In addition, it is very likely to find good friends within the office.

  • Reason to keep your good appearance

The work motivates us to get up with the alarm clock and roll up our sleeves every morning. The person who looks good usually feels the same way.

  • Remedy against boredom and depression

The work is a perfect remedy against depression because it requires concentration and distracts the person from negative thoughts.

  • The form of motivation and discipline

Clear that the work is not the same as the army, but it trains perfectly the strength of will, patience, and discipline. Thanks to your work, you have some rules and rituals, you know to plan your time and use your resources.

  • Reinforcement of your own ego

Some people want to climb the career ladder, others are attracted by a kind of power that can be quite different. For example, the cashier of the bank can close the box in front of a client, while the housekeeping lady will not let you go to the store until the floor is completely dry.

  • Importance of being useful and the possibility of changing the world

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Mark Zuckerberg could rest quietly and not work a day in their lives. However, instead of this, offer individuals products each time more interesting and with more functionality. It is a tremendous motivation — to know that your work benefits others.

What you will be happy people if they get money without working?

According to the study from the University of Oxford, 47% of occupations could disappear in the next 20 years thanks to the automation of work. As a result, the level of unemployment will grow a lot. And what will happen if the people receive money without working?

About 8 experiments of introduction of the basic income unconditional were in development at the beginning of the last year in different countries of the world. The programmes of Namibia and Kenya proved to be quite successful. In the framework of this experiment, they were paid to participants about 10-30 dollars a month. People began to eat better and lead a healthier life, and some even opened their own business. In addition, the level of crime fell. Actually, to many people they needed a minimum initial capital to improve their life and valued every dollar received. This project gives the opportunity to acquire any farm equipment or a sewing machine and become entrepreneurs.

The experiment of Finland, where 2000 people selected at random were to receive € 560 monthly, also seemed very interesting. The idea of this project was to increase the feeling of stability and security, as well as to motivate people to find a permanent job. However, by the end of the year, the government decided to stop the program by explaining that the period of 2 years was too short to make correct conclusions and the amount of € 560 was not enough to live in Finland, at the same time, the government could not allot a higher budget for this project.

An income unconditional truth can make us more happy, but if we manage it the right way. For example, investing part of this money and using the other hand as a cushion of financial security.

The life cycle of the money

“What if the people provide the basic income to each other?”, thought Scott Santens of America, and launched a campaign of fundraising that gives him a monthly income of 1000 dollars to some people with the help of donations from others. Scott ensures that the basic income is not a reason to stop work, but an opportunity to find something you like of truth to the person and a possible insurance in case something is not going well. The German company Mein Grundeinkommen accomplished a lot more in this field: 19 thousand people were able to ensure a basic income for 13 German citizens.

However, Martin Ford, the author of the revolt of The machines, he thinks it is a utopian idea. Many people simply don’t have the money for this type of payments. For example, the amount of people that would be needed to ensure the basic income to the residents of the City of Mexico does not exist on the planet yet. In addition, it seems unreal that people are willing to give money for the life of strangers. We should also not count on easy money using different pyramid schemes; usually, those that did win in these cases are the founders.

Then, if people receive a basic income, what will continue to work?

Imagine that you’ve won the lottery and you will pay 1000 dollars every month for several years. Do you still have motivation to work? Common sense says no. But the study of Guy Standing, professor of the University of London, says otherwise.

He considers that the person who is afraid of poverty, to the contrary, will be more creative, you can do what you really love and you will succeed. Will work even more, knowing that you risk nothing. If you are looking for on Twitter the hashtag #mybasicincome, you’ll be able to read a lot of reviews of people thinking of what they would do if they had a basic income unconditional. It turns out, that very few people want to stay resting.

What hinders us from realizing our dreams is the fear of failure and remain without means of subsistence. Could it be that just this makes them so valuable? When you bet everything, you will only have two variants: or to reach the goal or lose it all getting a great experience.

What do you do if you were to receive 1000 dollars each month? How you would continue working or you’d be enjoying life? What would make you happy?

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