Why we celebrate the Day of the Internet?

The idea of what it is today the day the Internet was born in an initiative of the Association of Internet Users, which, in principle, sought (and seeks), to bring the information society to all citizens. The initiative is celebrated in many countries: Mexico, Peru, Paraguay, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Dominican Republic and of course, by the “Internet Society. The first time it was held was on October 25, 2005 and at the Summit of the Information Society held in Tunis, that same year, decided to propose to the UN on 17 may as “World day of the Information Society”, which eventually resulted in the Day of Internet.

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In the article 121 of the document of conclusions of the World Summit of the Information Society, held in Tunis in November 2005, states that: “it Is necessary to contribute to more awareness of the Internet to become a global resource truly available to the public. We call for the UN to declare 17 may World Day of Information Society, to be held annually and will serve to give a better understanding of the importance of this global resource in the issues addressed at the Summit, especially the possibilities that it can offer the use of ICT to economies and societies, and the different ways of bridging the digital divide”.

Like any commemoration, the Day of the Internet can support in various ways. For example, getting closer to the disabled or to those who have difficulties to connect and also make this happen on the 17th of may. But perhaps a warning in every community about the importance of having unfettered access to information, and in addition, to promote the moral and ethical values that implies the possibility of access as never before, to all kinds of information.

The Internet, it is not difficult to understand for those who have already acceded to this global network, is a watershed in the information, the access to the same and the possibility as well of making the world more democratic, and, why not, more critical, where no one has the baton or is a leader of the absolute truth (or your truth, that you want to make it look as unique). Today, the Internet is not only a system that communicates to people through the computer, it is much more than that, is to realize that the world is much more unfair than it should be, and that day-to trust there is a struggle because all we can have ever more access to knowledge because ultimately, knowledge is power.

There is a lot of information in the network, but this site is a simple way to understand the importance of this Day of the Internet.

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