Why do we have to turn off mobile phones before and after take off the plane? All of the myths and truths

Turn off your cell phone when the plane will take off and also when landing it is something routine each time we take a flight. We all have experienced this situation, in addition to seeing it on a sign, the assistant of the flight it communicates before you start the take-off.

Although we don’t seem right to turn off mobile phones and other devices, there is that acatarlo. But do you really need to do that for safety? If this were the case, why not have dated air accident for this reason?

¿Por qué tenemos que apagar los móviles antes y después de despegar el avión? Todos los mitos y verdades

The truth behind the myth

What is certain is that many of us have forgotten to turn it off during the flight and nothing has happened. Really if you have some electronic device was dangerous, the terrorists would be very easy to end up with a plane full of passengers.

Some companies are more strict than others on this topic. There are those that ask you to turn off any electronic device, and others that simply tell you to put your smartphone in airplane mode.

But that forces you to turn off all your devices can sometimes be excessive, since what you allegedly “impairs” the operation of the aircraft are the radiation that transmits a mobile terminal.

¿Por qué tenemos que apagar los móviles antes y después de despegar el avión? Todos los mitos y verdades

The truth about the danger of mobile phones on airplanes:

In 1991 it all began. The FCC and the FAA have banned the use of mobile phones in the airplanes because of the lack of knowledge of how it might affect the operation of the aircraft. Soon they discovered that there was no danger whatsoever.

Despite the evidence, they decided to prevent potential problems. In this way, it could be said that we have more than 20 years by turning off electronic devices on planes “just in case”.

Knowing this, just simply put your smartphone in airplane mode and you’ll be able to use it at your leisure, knowing the limitations of this mode. In addition, many companies have deployed WiFi networks on their planes for the use of all passengers.

Anyway, what you have to know is that not you’re in danger in an airplane, with electronic equipment assets. All planes are armored against this type of radiation supposedly emitted by mobile phones and other devices. There is nothing to worry about.

¿Por qué tenemos que apagar los móviles antes y después de despegar el avión? Todos los mitos y verdades

Answer to the question: Is it true that if I leave the mobile switched on, the aircraft will have technical problems?

After all the above mentioned factors, the answer is clear: NO. Is comprobadísimo that mobile phones do not cause damage to the aircraft, so there is no problem in using the mobile phone on the plane. What is not yet clear is the reason for the companies to prohibit its use, perhaps there is another reason that we want to hide, who knows…

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