Probably the Finest Chrome Speech API Usage



Probably the finest npm package that helps you see John Cena in you screen. This is pretty serious stuff with special sounds effect by yelling "John Cena" this keyword, you can see the demo here. The reason why I want to build this tool since I'm both a big fan of John Cena and also a front-end developer, so why not do something special to pay my tribute to him with the code 😎

🤔 How to Use


$ npm install ucantseeme

require usage

var ucantseeme = require('ucantseeme')

import usage

import ucantseeme from 'ucantseeme'

Make sure to Allow your site's usage of microphone :


🔧 Development

It's simple to run, the following is step-by-step instruction.

$ git clone
$ cd ucantseeme
$ code .

🤔 Issues

At this stage, you have to use Google Chrome (version > 60 at least) for browsing since Web Speech API is an experimental technology and other browsers still under implementation so far. You can check caniuse for more details.


📝 Related Resources

I can't build ucantseeme this npm module without these awesome resources.

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