Soon Twitter will tell you who to unfollow

We are accustomed that the social networks suggest who to add to our list of friends or who to follow but, according to Slate, Twitter has confirmed the launch of a new function that does exactly the opposite.

To work on Twitter you only need to send a tweet

The company has been testing a new feature discovered by the user Matt Navarre, of the through The Next Web, who shared screenshots where Twitter seemed to suggest who to unfollow to “improve” your timeline.

In his statement to Slate, Twitter explains that the purpose of this new suggestion is to help users discover with whom they do not tend to “interact regularly”. So the users could get rid of those people to clean up their timelines.

This feature has been tested with a very limited amount of users and the social network has not said when it will be available or if all of the users to be able to have it.

“We know that people want a timeline to be relevant. One way to do this is to let you follow people who do not interact regularly”.

This could be a move risky for the company, although to compensate for it, remember that I would also the timeline in chronological order. and Partners.

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