Properties and benefits of millet and millet fonio, the new super food

Millet is one of the cereals that are considered more healthy, and a variety of yours, fonio, thanks to its amazing properties is considered as one of the super foods of the future. In addition, it is said that the cereal is more tasty of all. The benefits are many for the health, but also for the aesthetics.

In this article,, we tell you what are the benefits of millet, fonio, and why it’s worth it to include it in your diet.

1. Hair, skin and nails

Thanks to its high content of the amino acids methionine and cystine, fonio is excellent for the treatment of growth of hair and nails, as well as to have a skin more nourished. If you pay attention, the medicines industry to the growth of hair and nails contain these amino acids that the fonio provides naturally.

2. Prevents cramps

Fonio, thanks to its levels of magnesium and calcium, help to prevent cramping and promote recovery of the muscles. For this reason is very recommended for people who practice sports, and has a plus: it is a cereal that provides energy and is low in fat.

3. Helps to combat anemia

Thanks to its levels of iron, the fonio benefits to people suffering from anemia. Of course, should not replace the medication prescribed by the doctor, but it can complement it. This will help you feel less tired and with more energy.

4. Ally of vegetarians

This super cereal is a true ally for vegetarians: their values of protein, vitamins and minerals make it perfect for vegetarian diets or vegan, as it provides nutritional values higher than other cereals.

5. And also is an ally of diabetics

The high fiber content and low sugar levels make the fonio, a cereal very good for people with diabetes, since it helps to keep a stability of the glucose in the blood.

6. Recommended for children

Because of all their nutrients, inputs of energy and amino acids, it is the cereal’s the perfect complement to the daily diet of the children, helping them to a better growth and development.

7. Ideal for celiacs

Besides all the virtues mentioned above, both the millet as millet and fonio are the cereals gluten-free and, therefore, suitable for the diet of those who suffer from celiac disease.

How is it consumed?

Fonio can be consumed in grain, and in this way be used in salads, or added to stews along with other grains and legumes.

And in baking, you can use flour of fonio, which by its binding capacity (this food not stops the display of virtues!) you can replace the egg.

What do you say? Do you already have you tested it? Let us know your opinion!

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