Testing the new Spotify Lite, version lightweight, quick and free way to listen to music

Spotify is the music streaming service ‘s most currently used, the service account today with 159 million users worldwide, of whom 71 million pay for the Spotify subscription, which is why the company is looking for new ways to attract more customers, and keeping those you already have, how?, first, offering more benefits to their premium users, after renewing its free version with more options and better design, and now with the launch of a new application.

And it is already available Spotify Lite, a version fast, light and free with which you will be able to enjoy the 35 million songs from the service if accounts with a team of low-end, or with little memory storage.

The app is available for Android, and you can download it from the Play Store, however, it is currently not available in Mexico and other countries, although that can be solved by downloading and installing the APK that you leave below.

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The design and functions are very similar to the new free version that we met some weeks ago, because at the bottom you will find the navigation menu where we have the “Home” page, search tool, and the section of your favorites.

It is important to mention that we will not be able to choose a song in specific, that is to say, all the music that is played will be in “shuffle”, or random way, regardless of who we are premium users.

In this version also we can download music on our phone, as its name indicates, is designed to occupy little space of our phone, which is why we can only access the service with an Internet connection.

Spotify Lite uses about 15 MB of storage, while the normal version has an approximate weight of 100 MB, although in addition to the constraints mentioned above, there are many functions that we will not have access to, especially if you’re a Premium user.

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One of them is that it is not possible to select the quality of the music, nor are we able to use Spotify Connect, and obviously can’t see the lyrics of the songs that are available with Genius.

One of the advantages is that the same application will show the data consumption that you have undertaken during their use, so that you’ll know if you listen to music in streaming is affecting your usage of data, however, remember that the music played is in normal quality, that is to say, 96 kbps, although in low-speed connections, the quality will also be reduced.

What do you think of this new app Spotify for smartphones low-end?

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