How can you tell a quality item from a cheap one?

Normally, in order to understand if in front of us we have a quality article, we try to see it in detail, touch it and try it out. asked: is it possible to recognize a counterfeit by its appearance? We propose you to check.

Let’s start with an easy one. How can you tell in which box is real wood and in which the plastic?

Can you distinguish the silk authentic of synthetic?

Which of these is a true gem of family and what is a counterfeit?

Can you distinguish the dish English porcelain one of ceramic?

How do you see the real leather?

What image is the lipstick matte brand MAC and in which the counterfeit cheap?

And what about the varnish? What is expensive and what is cheap?

Can you distinguish the attachment of silver and metal?

What box there is wool natural?

And in the end what ring has genuine diamonds?

As you can distinguish a forgery:

  1. Wood. Counterfeits can be made of a very good quality, as it is almost impossible to distinguish the wood. The color and texture of the wood need to be more expressive. You can also check with just the touch, the sound must be deaf.
  2. Silk. The silk items authentic are made of wire of different thickness, since they are of natural origin. In addition, the silk authentic will not wrinkle and is not electrifying.
  3. Pearl. A natural stone may not have a perfect surface and smooth, but porous. In addition, the pearl is authentic, it has a gloss clear pearlescent. If you put it under the light, will shine with a blue color delicate unlike the false, which has a green color.
  4. Porcelain. Look at the picture to the left. The ceramic has a shine glaze, unlike the porcelain. The correct method is to put the item under the light. The porcelain shows through gently and even shines and the ceramic is not so. Another old method is that the porcelain always produces sound even when tapped lightly.
  5. Leather. The synthetic leather has a darker color, which with the passage of time is blurred more, and its texture has a “stretched” unlike real leather. Another method to distinguish the skin is folded. To fold the article of genuine leather, form “wrinkles”. The desdoblarla, the surface quickly returns to its original state.
  6. Pencil lip. As a general rule, the lipstick marks expensive is really dull from the first seconds of its application. In the forgeries after your application you will see shiny.
  7. Varnish. The quality of the varnish is reflected on a flat surface. In terms of what we apply we are able to understand its brilliance. If it is barbless, so its surface is completely smooth.

  8. Silver. The product manufactured with silver-true will have edges precise, polished and a uniform color. The metal will have burrs, details glued and stains. Remember that silver, unlike metal, is not attracted by the magnet. If you slide the silver metal, it will leave a black line. And the most important thing is that the silver articles are always a hallmark of contrast.

  9. Wool. The appearance of the wool fibre has an uneven thickness. In turn, aesthetically it has threads and an even a complete structure. But the important difference of natural wool is that it does not create static electricity and does not produce unpleasant sounds, unlike the synthetic.

  10. Diamond. By the refraction of light, real diamond sparkles very strong and only with shades of gray. The brightness with the colors of the rainbow is a sign of forgery. The items of diamonds, like any jewel, you have a stamp of contrast.

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