You can earn up to 15 thousand dollars if you manage to hack Netflix

Netflix, one of the services streaming more popular globally, recently issued a press release in which it announced the opening of a new program so that users have the opportunity to find vulnerabilities in the platform.

The service commented that one of their primary objectives is to maintain the privacy and security of every subscriber on the platform.

“The goal of Netflix is to bring joy to our more than 117 million members around the world, and is the work of the security team to keep protected our users, partners and employees. We are committed with the security community to achieve this goal through programs such as responsible disclosure and rewarding private by errors in the last 5 years.”

In order to accomplish its goals, Netflix launched a new program called Bugcrowd which reward you for errors in the computer experts who manage to find vulnerabilities in the platform that might put at risk the information or personal data of the users.

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Netflix, through its so-called, said that since 5 years ago began to carry out a program of disclosure of vulnerability is responsible for providing a pathway to the researchers so that these, in turn, inform the developers of the service on safety issues.

Thanks to the opening of this program, the streaming services has been able to arrange more than 190 problems valid, so that from the year 2016, Netflix felt that it would be better idea to launch a public program to offer rewards and provide more interaction with subscribers in a dynamic fashion, fun and with a juicy prize that surely everyone will want to have in their pockets.

Broadly speaking, if you find yourself with all of the interest and you feel that you have the ability to circumvent the computer system of Netflix, earning in exchange for thousands of dollars, this could be your opportunity.

Obviously, the cost of each error detected will vary depending on the level. For example, participants may find faults related to counterfeiting or authentication data, as well as attacks, redirection, and execution of remote code.

With this the company intends to identify gaps in security ahead of time to avoid hackers to make mischief in future updates of the service.

If you want to know more information about it with details on how to be able to help the service, you can do so via this link.

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Will you be willing to help Netflix?

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