What is actually changed in the jump from a mid-range phone one high end?

I was, until recently, owner of a mid-range phone, which I got “free” when I bought my data plan. Before I had a phone ZTE that proved to be a fiasco, and that in as much as I could, I got rid of it. The reality about it it became obvious to me: a phone should make your life easier, not more difficult.

They say that this is the best smartphone in the world today

But what does this mean? It’s simple: if I want to make a call, after dialing, the phone locate the communication and is not left “on the journey”, as I did with the ZTE which for some reason I had extreme difficulties to make a call. Or, that if I go to Google Maps, the navigation is at least relatively easy and that don’t lock, or which is insufriblemente slow. Of course, for this you have to have a data plan reasonably quick, but today the offer in this regard is enormous.

A mid-range phone, like the one I had, did the task with relative ease, although I had some problems, for example, the fact that they only brought 8 GB of memory storage. The next version of the same phone that I had already came with 16 GB and it seems to me that already then the above difficulties disappear. In addition, it had its MicroSD slot if you wanted to put more memory.

But here they gave me a phone of high-end, one that costs about 15 thousand pesos, which in essence seemed to have everything multiplied by an integer factor greater than 4 at the low end, that made it rather more acceptable. When I started riding, I realized why it cost what it cost. The navigation is much better, more agile. Everything seems to go faster. On the screen, I have to admit that it looks better but the one in my previous phone, I can not say even that it looked bad. Come on, that perhaps the phone is more expensive is more luminous, with more resolution, but against the previous phone, nor is it something that looks surprisingly better.

Yes, in-memory storage I have a lot more and the reality is that I was amazed that it has 8 cores, running at about 2 GHz, depending on the load that will target the software to the device. It already competes against a desktop PC, which means that already in my pocket I have the power that once occupied an entire desktop. To Me it is clear, therefore, that it is a piece of engineering remarkable. For example, to navigate between the photos is very fast and the gestures textual are almost instantaneous. It has two cameras and record even in 4K (although there is no where to pass to that resolution). We will, as I understood that a phone more expensive to make things easier to the user, is much better designed and so fulfil their task.

There are however, things that do not seem to me essential: the fingerprint sensor, the recognition by iris or just the one that requires a numerical code to enter. Let’s say that is the added value that can be given to the device that ultimately has to justify what it costs. There will be those who consider fundamental these security options, but in my case, and I am speaking from my experience, it does not seem to me so necessary as to suffer if you do not include.

I must say that my needs for mobile communication were really satisfied with my mid-range phone, but it never hurts to have a expensive equipment, especially if it is free. What’s interesting at the end of the day is that it is a great phone with Android and that the truth, I don’t need the logo of the apple to be a good team. We will, I think compete without prejudice in front of the best phone that you can submit to Apple. And yes, the difference between mid and high range is reflected in the price, but the performance of these phones, at least for the first experience I have had, it is worth it.

But what do you think the readers of binary unocero?

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