What is the black circle of WhatsApp and why you should not touch it

In the last few hours has circulated a message from WhatsApp that says “If you touch the black circle WhatsApp you will be caught”, that is to say, that when you press the circle WhatsApp will locked and it will not be possible to use it, the problem is that after the black circle there is an additional message that says “dont-touch-here” (don’t touch here), a situation that encourages us to play the above-mentioned black circle.

What happens after that?, because as I said the warning, WhatsApp lock and you can no longer use it, not until you leave the application and let’s get to it, and although many have been shared on social networks is a virus that is distributed in the application, the reality is that it is simply a joke.

It is not known for sure where it went, but many users in Spain and the united States have seen the message, so it is likely that the creators of the joke are from one of these countries.

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Why is block WhatsApp when you press the black circle?

As I mentioned, this is not any kind of virus, as the emoji of the black circle takes hidden thousands of characters that the application of WhatsApp is not able to process, therefore, when you open it the app stops working.

According to report some users, this black circle also affects other applications such as Telegram or Instagram, though we have done the test in a Telegram without seeing any involvement. On the other hand, it seems that it is a joke that only affects Android users.

What really called the attention of this message is the way in which the creators have hidden thousands of characters in the small black circle. However, there is nothing to worry about.

Even with this, it is advisable not to press the damn circle for more curiosity that causes us, the best thing is to ignore the message or delete it because, although it is not something serious, if it could cause distress and worry to many users, who do not believe everything you read on the Internet.

Do you already have the message in the black circle?

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