What do you do with the remains of the soap in the hotels if you don’t take with you

Most of us have stayed in a hotel where there are objects of personal hygiene for each guest. Often we use what we give, and what is left is often what we keep inside of our bags as “souvenir” and took him home. But this happens only because you do not know what happens to the soap after your departure from the hotel.

Great.guru shares a story that will make, after reading it, it is unlikely that you want to take the hotel soap.

Today, more than 844 million people do not have access to safe drinking water and more than 2.3 billion people live without the ability to follow the basic rules of hygiene. Millions of girls are forced to leave school due to problems with feminine hygiene. The main reason of child mortality up to 5 years are diseases associated with lack of hygiene.

The studies carried out showed that the possibility of following the rules of hygiene could reduce 50 percent of child mortality.

The idea of recycle and re-use the soap belongs to Shawn Seipler. During the stay at one of the hotels the man communicated with his waitress and asked what happens with the soaps left over from the rooms. She said, ” just toss them into the trash.

After this, in 2009, Shawn founded an organization charitable, the objective of which was to guarantee the soap to countries that need it. Are granted free of charge, allowing to improve the hygienic situation of these regions.

The pieces of soap left after the visit of the guests are going to a container that is derived to special organisations for recycling. The process includes important steps: sanitize with health products to kill all bacteria possible, crushing, and creation of new bars of soap.

Packed the new soap and send it to the people who need it. To date, the bars have already been received by 10 million people in 127 countries. Thousands of people can be saved from fatal diseases, if you simply begin to wash their hands with soap.

To this campaign have already joined approximately 4,000 hotels. The representative of one of them said in an interview that this simple gesture can make our planet a safer place to live.

What about you what do you do with hotel soap? Are you ready to be a part of this program so great and to save human lives?

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