What happened to the mother of Luis Miguel? Here are 5 theories

We can like or not the idea, but the range of Luis Miguel on Netflix has been a complete phenomenon. Bulk hundreds of thousands flock to each one of the chapters released per week, and then again trend of social networks, there are memes and theories.

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But in all this maelstrom, there is a theme that has surpassed the others by its mysterious cargo, and that is what happened with Marcela Basteri, the mother of Luis Miguel. So to abound with the case, we went with the experts of Chilango, which have given timely follow-up to the entire series and we shared five theories about what might have been from this once again famous woman.

According to the series, the last time I saw Marcela was in 1986 in Madrid, where he traveled from Italy to meet with Luis Rey and, later, travel to Chile to see Mickey. So let’s do an “unsolved Mysteries” and check out these interesting theories.

Luisito Rey, the bad malolandia

The journalist Javier León Herrera recounts in his book Luis Miguel, the story Luisito King would have commanded him to kill in order to stay with the property he had to his name and some bank accounts in switzerland.

Everything is the fault of the Negro Durazo

There are two versions of the disappearance of Marcela involving the infamísimo former chief of police, Arturo El Negro Durazo. A the told Mario Gallego uncle of luis miguel, and assured that Marcela had been at a party of Durazo in the state of Chihuahua and that there would have died in the middle of a gun battle drug traffickers. There is another posted by TV Notes (so take it with a lot of calm), which says that Marcela was undergoing a depression that led her to using drugs during a party of Durazo and that to get to the swimming pool of the residence with this mixture, lost consciousness and died.

He ended up in an insane asylum

Walter Rivers, a musician who accompanied Luis Miguel tour and concert, stated in 2012 that luis miguel had found his mother imprisoned in an insane asylum in Italy in 2008 and that she did not recognized him due to his mental state.

Who was murdered

Grace Renat, a vedett who was a friend of Marcela, stated the program LM Show that the mother of luis miguel would have died, beaten to death, but he did not know who had been responsible.

Because he is too bad, another of Luisito Rey

Ana María Reig, close friend of Marcela, said in the TV program “Red Sauce” Luisito Rey confessed before death that he had paid 100 thousand dollars a person to take the life of the mother of Luis Miguel.

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