What makeup was fashionable when you were born?

Each year brings new tendendencias of beauty that come as a surprise to all the girls who follow the fashion. These require them to empty the counters of the shops. Soon, however, they are replaced by new ones. And this is repeated every year.

Great.guru proposes you see the makeup trends most remembered of the previous years. Don’t be surprised if your mom says, the sparkles, the mother-of-pearl and illuminators were already fashionable at the time.

1982. Is never enough the color pink, even in the mask

1983. All wore only blue lips

1984. Thick eyebrows, the truth is that before there was spent much as it does now for them

1985. We returned to the lip of a natural color, but not for a long time

1986. Again the lip with strong colours along with shades of the same style

1987. The other “new era” of red lips

1988. An approach to the eyes using a liner color light blue

1989. Now a special focus on the eyebrows

1990. The recognition of the physical aspects of the face and contouring

1991. A short rest with pink lips, natural

1992. Again these eyebrows, but this time they are more thin

1993. The outline is more eye-catching that lip, this was a success of the year

1994. A perfect makeup is one that does not note

1995. The black eyeliner and shades of white create a look expressive

1996. The mother-of-pearl appeared and disappeared

1997. The shadows with metallic effect and the shimmer were used even in the clavicles

1998. They all have skin with a natural tan and artificial

1999. The smokey eyes conquered the planet forever

2000. The shades of light blue, replaced the smokey eyes

Between the years 2000 and 2015, you know what was fashionable. However, you will remember the trends of the past three years.

2015. The contouring of the face divided the art of makeup in the “before” and “after”

2016. It is easy to make strobing using a highlighter and fingers

2017. The effect of the lips that “just kissed”. The outline of course is already in the past

What we’re waiting for the 2018? We will know soon.

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