What can tell us the Christmas tree on the character of a person?

If the psychology takes forward the difficult task of analyzing the personality of an individual, make it up based on how the subject can celebrate Christmas and the New Year. That is why they are so popular different concepts associative.

Great.guru brings to you a simple test that will let you check if you can really determine the character of a person by their Christmas tree. I gather them up!

Below you will find images with various Christmas trees. Each one of them, you have to choose the one you like the most or is closest to your ideals.

1. Size

A tree tiny, or, as an option, a few fir-tree branches in a vase and even the absence of such attributes in general, are usually chosen by people with an abstract mind. Perceive the world in a different way, not as “must” or is socially accepted. Questions are rare according to the opinion of others and are also generating ideas.

A full-sized tree is usually the choice of lovers of comfort, to those that affect the important values of the family. It is people who plan with foresight and care, good teachers, and experts in life. As a general rule, with a critical thinking and value it all: they can be qualified of pedants and perfectionists.

2. Material

Often, the artificial Christmas trees are the favorites of those whose priorities are utility and profit. The logic is at the forefront and the saving is made when it comes to not only money, but also of space, time, and energy. These people can easily adapt to the circumstances.

Fans of live trees to celebrate the New Year are likely to the absence of haste, and the concern is not among their qualities. Security is an indispensable part of his character. Do not like the changes and they honor the traditions. These people analyze in detail everything that surrounds them.

3. Color

Traditionally, a live tree green or an artificial one of the same color means that the New Year is seen as a classic of the genre, without extremes. The person that advocates for this option tends to be very stubborn. Among its peculiarities, stands out the be a very practical and conservative.

Fans of the fir trees Christmas of all the colors and textures are a constant in their inconstancy. However, that does not mean that they are superficial: they simply display the simplicity in the majority of cases. People are dynamic and alive. His fondness for the changes manifested in experiments and in the creation of various combinations. Innovate with different ideas in all aspects of life.

4. Amount of decorative elements

The people that find it very important to the decoration of their Christmas trees, usually tend to be dismissed as “snobbish”, but in the best sense of the word. All this comes by love of beauty. Know how to create a good mood, are curious and friendly. Think with imagination and they are driven by what they consider interesting to them in a certain time.

The intolerance of the adornment excessive shows the forecast and reveal a person who values pragmatism, always and in everything. In addition, known to foresee some of the problems well in advance of their onset.

5. Place for gifts

The tenacity with which the people who prefer to deposit the gifts under the tree move towards their goals in life is worthy of being envied. The natural calm and how to maintain composure are some of its characteristic features.

People who prefer to deliver gifts in hand, they are direct and sincere. Are also quick and ambitious, often impatient, feel no devotion for any unnecessary details.

Whatever tree you choose a person to celebrate the New Year and Christmas, the most important thing is that it creates the feeling of joy. After all, the holidays are not made with their attributes, but with the meaning that estostienen.

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