What Latin american country has the best web connection to video?

The consumption of video is the present of the Internet. In accordance with data of the iab Mexico, 93% of Web users in the world consume digital video, this has raised new requirements for the operators and the networks expand their bandwidth in order to resolve the consumption of networks such as 4G LTE and the future arrival of 5G.

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But like all technological development, the construction of infrastructure, and the implementation is not given the same all over the world, and the digital divide is a constant. About the company advisory technology Open Signal generated its first report on “The State of Mobile Video”, which is a comprehensive picture of the state of the speed of the Internet for the consumption of audio-visual materials digital.

The study rankea 69 countries around the globe and assigns them a rating from 1 to 100 with respect to the quality of your Internet connection standard for video consumption and user experience with it. To perform your analysis, Open Signal took place more than 87,000 million measurements in more than 8 million different devices in the period between may and August of 2018.

The findings generated listings ranchean to the countries from best to worst in video Experience overall, in addition to download speeds. Then they ranked the nations into five groups according to their performance:

  • Excellent (75-100 pt.)
  • Very good (65-75 pt.)
  • Good (55-65 pt.)
  • Acceptable (40-55 pt.)
  • Poor (0-40 pt.)

How is Latin america in quality of networks for digital video?

As has been the norm of the technological implementations in the Latin american region, the quality of the network to the Internet is limited compared to the leaders of the world. The Latin american country best positioned in the ranking of Open Signal is Bolivia with a score of 54.96, or almost “very Good” and that he was to get the 40ma. Position listing 69; followed by Mexico, which was placed in the place 45 with a score of 52.36, or “Acceptable” and below economies allegedly lower potential such as Greece, Romania, and Myanmar, among others.

The other Latin American countries that appear on the list are Argentina (47), Brazil (51), Colombia (55), Chile (58), Peru (62), Costa Rica (63) and Ecuador (64).

In the part of speed of download, Mexico itself was placed as a regional leader with the place 43 of the list, with an average speed of 13 Mbps, which is far behind the leader in the payroll, South Korea, with a download speed of 45.5 Mbps average. A considerable difference.

The leading region in terms of the quality of their networks for video consumption, according to the study concludes, is in Europe with 9 of the 11 countries that scored “Very good”.

It is striking that the united States and Canada, the leaders of continental’s “New World” in what has technological development is concerned, are also very behind in both listings.

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